Written August 25, 2006     

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# 1. 8/25/06 12:06 AM - SLC, Utah
thumbsup.gif "Instead of race-baiting in search of lost ratings."

Ding-ding-ding! That's all this is about. Ratings. Headlines. Money. Trying to spark interest in the fading gold mine called "Survivor." They don't care about anything else. Controversy, criticism, whatever. As long as there is media coverage (positive or negative), score that a win.

# 2. 8/25/06 12:48 AM by Bill Stemmons - Sunset Utah
thumbsdown.gif Appreciate the 'protect the distance we have come' attitude. We haven't gone as far as we could, still a long way to go.

I want to keep encouraging racial/human equity, tolerance and appreciation. Don't want to legislate it but I sure don't want to go back!

# 3. 8/25/06 2:40 AM
thumbsup.gif It's crap TV. What do you expect?

# 4. 8/25/06 3:01 AM by Paul Martin - Rochester, New York
Hi Bob,

I was very discussed when I heard the first promos regarding this season's Survivor series. I watched the show faithfully the 1st season, hoping the Chief would win. Since then, I only watch occasional. However, why does everything, now this show, have to bring race into it? This is a contest of people's strength, weakness, character, etc. Race has nothing to do with it. It's sad that now this show has lower itself to this low, just for ratings.

# 5. 8/25/06 3:24 AM
thumbsup.gif It absolutely stinks. These producers are playing the race card, is what they're doing. They remember OJ. They remember the huge TV viewership it fueled. And like Cochran, they have no compunction about doing the unethical, socially irresponsible thing and deliberately playing on American racial tension, if it means possibly winning.

# 6. 8/25/06 6:03 AM by Cletus Whirl - Knucklehead Lane, Albany, NY
thumbsup.gif I have to admit, I haven't experienced the joy of watching Survivor.

Sadly, the only thing that is on Television when I get home includes the news, HBO, Cinimax, and a few other shows on cable. I do not watch much other than the news; as I get out of work at 4:00am.



# 7. 8/25/06 6:32 AM by SRP - Henrietta, NY
thumbsdown.gif Bob - You continue to be an enigma. You can write with inspired eloquence, compelling people to ponder the selfish ways of humanity and encouraging your fellow man to do better. You'll cite Scripture and bring us to tears with stories of selflessness and ultimate sacrifice.

Then, you use a column on the crap that is Survivor. A controlled, produced, contrived highlight show of selfishness and greed, that is a pitiful example of so much that is wrong with people.

Having said that, at least you called the producers and the publicists on the carpet for their biggest lies and moronity.

# 8. 8/25/06 6:48 AM by Mario - Brockport
I was going to say WHO CARES, but unfortunately there are plenty of people who do. Why do bad ideas like this get any attention at all.

# 9. 8/25/06 6:51 AM by AJ - Walworth, NY
Never watched Survivor as it disgusted to me to see what idiocy people will go through for money. This year is the worst, though, and I agree there can be no good coming of it. I hope people will have the sense to turn it off..... oh, what am I saying!! No one has that much sense anymore.

# 10. 8/25/06 7:01 AM by Suzanne - Penfield, NY
thumbsup.gif I totally agree with you Bob. This can only make racial issues in this country worse.

# 11. 8/25/06 7:16 AM
Bob, Why are you speculating that all whites will root for the whites. Your thought process is racist. People are people!

Editor's Note: not on this planet

# 12. 8/25/06 7:23 AM by Mike - Greece
I'd rather watch grass grow.

# 13. 8/25/06 7:25 AM
I think the white team will kick some serious butt.

Even if the black team is able to get extra credit through affirmative action.

# 14. 8/25/06 7:26 AM by J Bailey - Macedon NY
I've watched some seasons of Survival, but I've never really gotten into it. All this "reality tv" just gets to me - and most other tv shows aren't much better. Sitcoms? Forgettaboudit.

A good book is much more enjoyable and relaxing. More people should try it! :)

# 15. 8/25/06 7:27 AM by Leon - Muncie, In
I assume affirmative action will be applied to "level" the playing field to make it "fair". I think we should bring back the "Negro" baseball league and have a world series baseball contest between races. Just kidding!

Editor's Note: i wish they'd made some movies of the old negro league games, it'd be interesting to see some of those guys playing back in the day.

# 16. 8/25/06 7:32 AM by Dave H - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob: television has a vast potential for evil. It fulfills that potential only with our involvement. Shut it off. Its a wasteland that deserves nothing more than our contempt.Dave

# 17. 8/25/06 7:36 AM
Yet it's okay for Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Sean Hannity, etc. to have brought talk radio to such astounding depths of depraved bias trying to assist conservatives to gain power over liberals in America.

# 18. 8/25/06 7:36 AM by Don - Rochester,NY
thumbsup.gif Maybe next year they can have the Catholics, Jews, Muslims and the Atheists pitted against each other. Oh thats right we have that now don't we?

# 19. 8/25/06 7:44 AM by Sue - Pittsford
thumbsdown.gif I used to think that you commented on idiot shows like Survivor or Idol on your radio show just because ClearChannel required it. Now I understand you actually choose to watch them. Anyone with the time to do that needs to get a life.

Editor's Note: what a sweetheart you must be, miss mydol

# 20. 8/25/06 7:54 AM by steve
America is obsessed with race, I wonder if the white team appears to be winning if affirmative action will come into play? We will have tribalism in America soon, for got the melting pot.

TV is stupid anyway. I can't name one show on the national networks anymore.

At least we are starting to see TV and news people now for what they really are.

# 21. 8/25/06 8:02 AM by Bob - Mendon
thumbsup.gif Bob, What do you expect from a network that hired Katie ? Just another reason why I don't watch TV 8 .....

# 22. 8/25/06 8:05 AM by Pete
thumbsdown.gif Bob,

I don't watch the show, never have and never will. It pits people against people, black, white, yellow, brown, pink or purple.

Don't we get enough of this stuff in everyday life?

Now, I have nothing against competition if it is a sport but pitting people against other people where they can lie and cheat as long as they don't get caught.

I worked for a company where it was mandatory to take hours and hours of on line ethics modules every year. Yet, this company had the worst scum bags that would purposely set you up and have you fired from your position because you did a better job than they did. A program that promotes this kind of behavior that my kids can watch, its debasing and degrading to the human race.

Sorry, but if I want that kind of crap I will just keep my day job.

# 23. 8/25/06 8:07 AM by PHIL - SOUTH WEDGE NY

# 24. 8/25/06 8:11 AM by alexander - rochester, ny usa
actually i don't have an issue with it. was it a problem when they separated the men from the woman? i have open conversations with people i work that are asian, latino and black.. i mean african american. we'll be able to talk openly about any aspect of it and go on about our day. no biggie.

hey, maybe next year it'll be homosexuals vs. heterosexuals... eh?

# 25. 8/25/06 8:11 AM by h
thumbsup.gif Men are from Mars.

Women are from Venus.

CBS is from Pluto. It has lost it's significance.

Everybody knows the ultimate survivor hangs out at FOX.


# 26. 8/25/06 8:17 AM
I don't know how the game works, but is it possible this could actually ease the tension of political correctness?

# 27. 8/25/06 8:41 AM - Fairport, NY
thumbsdown.gif Very lame of you, Bob, to fall into this "Survivor" trap. Maybe there is an underlying point to all of this. That this is a reality show and that society is this way in real life. Talk all you want but in my mind there is a lot of truth to this scenario. I'll bet you and the rest of the country will be glued to the set just like I am to see how this all plays out. Score one for CBS. In our country today whether you will admit it or not we have all fallen into our little ethnic groups and to convey that we haven't is just plain ignorant. Sure we all play nice nice to each others faces because that is the politically correct way to be. Get groups of any races together segregated by their race and just let the "whitey" jokes fly. To think anything else is just bull. You know it, I know it, and THEY know it. Nice try at the old "we're all the same" crap but lets see how "reality" plays out before we follow the politically correct route to destruction.

# 28. 8/25/06 8:43 AM by Tim - Rochester, NY
thumbsdown.gif Stupid Flanderses.

# 29. 8/25/06 8:44 AM by Gary - Rochester, NY
thumbsdown.gif RE: People will watch the show and root for contestants and teams based on their own race.

Only if they are a bigot. Are you a bigot, Bob?

I'm white, but I haven't always rooted for the white contentestants. There's been a lot of white people on Survivor I haven't liked at all (quite a lot actually), and some blacks and asians I have liked. Honestly, I have liked and disliked the players based on their personalities, not their race or sex.

Editor's Note: surprisingly, the world may be larger than your perspective. the tendancy to racially identify, particularly among non-whites, can be very high in some situations -- like this one.

# 30. 8/25/06 8:45 AM
Oh, sure.

Employ a curfew and drive all the kiddies inside to watch a racist Survivor.

That'll keep the crime rate down.

Jeff Probst wants to take a break from hosting. His replacement?

Rodney King.

# 31. 8/25/06 8:56 AM by Boomer - Scottsville ny
#25 is right on the money.Survivor is for females or effeminate males. The teacher in Batavia probably watches it.

# 32. 8/25/06 9:18 AM by Paul Rusin - Holley, NY
And its all, more than likely, by design, set up for certain people to win based on the prejudices of the day. Oh, well. Some people will continue to watch it. As for me, I never have, and never will. I don't want reality, ro I wouldn't watch most TV. I want TV to make me laugh, or entertain. Baseball, hockey, football is reality. No set up to it like can be done with these reality shows. Besides, you would have to be pretty bored within your own life to watch them, at least that's the way it seems to me.

# 33. 8/25/06 9:20 AM by steve - roch
heeeeey Bob,Diversity has taught us to embrace our differences. So lets sit back, point, and embrace!!

# 34. 8/25/06 9:31 AM by Julie
These (the producers) are the folks who truly need to go to diversity training.

# 35. 8/25/06 9:39 AM by Mark
thumbsup.gif What no Muslims?? I'm disappointed.

We could pit Shiites against Sunnis. Hezbolla against Hammas.

2nd thought - that wouldn't work - we wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

# 36. 8/25/06 9:41 AM by SGM - Utah
Ahhh yes, TV, the great American wasteland. Surely you have better things to do with your valuable time than watch this garbage.

Even the news programs, all of em, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, all of em, have degenerated to the point where they try to sensationalize everything. I'm so tired of the JonBenet fiasco and everybody trying to out report the other guy I could just puke. Speaking of degenerates, they ought to just shoot this Karr guy, he's taking up valuable space and air.

# 37. 8/25/06 9:43 AM by Rick - Arlington, VA
"Survivor has always been about making as much money as possible for the CBS television network." You said so yourself. Exactly why should it be any different? That's like saying that Wal-Mart should be responsible for X-number of benefits and for providing a "living wage."

"This is America," you said. In America, a network should be able to try whatever it wants as long as it's legal. So which is it going to be? Should the network be free to do what it wants and try new gimmicks, or should it have to conform to your sense of social responsibility?

Look, I think the idea is as absurd as you do, but let's let the ratings decide this. There are tons of shows I hate (Survivor and American Idol being among them), but if the ratings dictate that they should stay in their current formats, then it's not my business or yours.

You may not like the network's idea and God knows I won't bother to tune in, but networks are there to make a profit, not to please everyone and not to promote the joys of diversity. I get enough of that BS from the government.

# 38. 8/25/06 9:45 AM by Ted
I'd like to know why rooting for whites if you're white is racist, but a black rooting for a black is simply a cultural thing?

# 39. 8/25/06 9:47 AM by Jeff
thumbsup.gif I'm glad to see the fat naked guy in jail! What an idiot!

Editor's Note: it'll probably help his social life.

# 40. 8/25/06 9:50 AM by Plutonian
thumbsup.gif I used to be from Pluto, but had to move to Earth because the neighborhood became very unstable. You are my favorite Earth-person. Are you taking the precaution of wearing foil for protection when you watch TV? I have met many black people since moving here. At first I thought they were burnt when God made them. Then I learned about melanin in school. I may soon move from Earth, as the TV here is really bad, and the movies are even worse. Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson were my favorite actors. Do you notice that their first names have 3 letters, and their last names have 6? The next actor they can will have the same characteristics in his name. There is a lot of discrimination in Hollywood. Who will be next?

# 41. 8/25/06 9:56 AM by Rich - Pittsford
thumbsup.gif Bob, I could not believe they were actually doing this race-based tribes thing when I read it in the paper. I think it is disgusting, and will only harm race-relations.

We need to focus on our similarities, not our differences. The way to bring racial harmony is NOT to recognize & "appreciate" each different race, but rather to minimize the importance of our birth race, and to celebrate the HUMAN Race!

# 42. 8/25/06 10:14 AM by Paula
Bob reality is the worst thing to come to television. We never watch it. If survivor were really against surviving I would watch. Bit its not. Most of these people couldn't survive in reality if they were in a fully furnished house stocked with anything they would need. I watched idol 1 year and that only because I rooted for the kid from Buffalo. It was too ridiculous. There is no reality in reality television.

# 43. 8/25/06 10:16 AM by Damien Kane - Laurel, Maryland
I don't watch that crap, but if you do make sure to let us know if the Hispanics are on the island legally.

# 44. 8/25/06 10:25 AM
Two predicitons:

1) the white people are going to wimps and morons and the black people are going to be strong and smart.

2) it will attract droves of viewers.

# 45. 8/25/06 10:28 AM
We really aren't that far from the Romans and their blood sports.

# 46. 8/25/06 10:31 AM by Dennis - Webster, NY
thumbsdown.gif I didn't expect to get PC from you Bob.

Men vs. Women is fine. One school against the other is fine. I don't have a problem with any lines they want to draw.

Here's why:

Until we learn to let things go we'll never get over the race problems we have. It's a game, when it's over you should be able to relate to other races as well as you did before. Same applies to a high school soccer game. compete during the game, be decent humans after.

# 47. 8/25/06 10:32 AM by Chad - Riverton, UT
thumbsdown.gif Bob,

Last season, they did the exact same thing by dividing up the tribes by age and gender... the Older Women, the Young Women, the Older Men, and the Younger Men. Interesting idea.

And that twist lasted until, what... the second episode? Instead of having the four tribes fight it out until the very end (even letting a tribe go completely extinct, which I thought would be a great idea), they immediately merged them into two tribes, just like every other season.

So my guess is that this racial division is much ado about nothing. The races will most likely merge into two teams by the 2nd or 3rd episode.

Maybe we should all just watch "The Amazing Race" instead!

# 48. 8/25/06 10:36 AM by David
The show hasn't even started yet, but the racist crap has already begun. Though I've always been an avid fan of Survivor, I doubt I'll be able to stomach the upcoming season.

When it comes down to ratings, integrity will always take a backseat. I'm so tired of it.

Remember the uproar when Trump asked Randall if he would hire Rebecca? Trump never asked Randall to share his title, only if he would hire an excellent worker. The public's misconception turned the statement into a racist bomb.

# 49. 8/25/06 10:38 AM - Sandy UT
thumbsdown.gif I can't believe you and so many others actually have and take the time to watch this stuff. Even worse you allow yourself to get worked up about it.

TV is so much "light-mindedness". Avoid it and go out/stay in and do something meaningful or productive.

Getting hot under the collar is exactly what the producers want you to do. Ignore them and the crap they produce.

Who cares? That's the only message they need from all of us, but sadly millions will glue themselves to the tube and get sucked into whatever spin is fed this and every season.

Distracting us from what is really important is, in my opinion, Satan's greatest tool.

# 50. 8/25/06 11:07 AM by Barbara Corrigan - Toronto, Canada
thumbsup.gif I agree with you whole heartily on this matter. It did not mix well with me when I first heard about the "Race" thing.

What can we do? Is there any type of petition or movement that could influence & discourage this from airing...


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