Written October 28, 1999     

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# 1. 10/28/99 8:20 AM by James - Walworth
I am not too much of a man to admit that this brought tears to my eyes for some reason.

# 2. 10/28/99 9:39 AM by Vanessa - Rochester, NY
Beautiful article, Bob. Enough to bring a tear to the eye. I hope they both have a terrific reunion. We need more people like this in the world.

# 3. 10/28/99 11:16 AM by Dave - Brighton, NY
I heard Mr. Rialo tell his story on the radio the other day, and was really moved... I especially like the story telling style of the Italian immigrants...I grew up near Niagara Falls, and have a number of friends with Italian immigrant parents and relatives, and have delighted many a time listening to them talk about their lives. Bob, I second the motion that whenever possible, you find these folks and let them tell their wonderful stories in front of your public forum!

Thanks Bob!

# 4. 10/28/99 5:04 PM by marlene clayson - rochester-gates
great touching article-makes me wonder if my father has any such tales to tell...if i only knew. he left us in 1954 & havent heard a word since-bob, keep up the good work

# 5. 10/28/99 8:55 PM by sharon goss - shinglehouse,Pa.
I also heard this man on the radio, but, you captured it all as if you were him. I had hoped so much the man would still be alive after such a long time. Thankfully, he was. Keep up the great "news" stories, Bob, I love ya.

# 6. 10/29/99 8:40 AM by Don Landers - Gates, NY
A most efficacious use of your forum. Wish I could cite the author of this quote --- "A man never stands so tall, as when he stoops to help a child."

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