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# 1. 9/8/09 12:05 AM by David - Henrietta
Yawn...Thanks, I needed something to help me sleep tonight. This post was better than Ambien.

Editor's Note: wow, that hurt. you democrats really are fired up, aren't you?

# 2. 9/8/09 12:06 AM by Fairport mom

# 3. 9/8/09 12:11 AM by DaWiz - San Antonio, Texas
thumbsup.gif Didn't Adolf Hitler Do essentially the same thing by forming the Hitler Youth movement? The earlier you start the indoctrination, the easier and more effective it is. What the concerned parents need to do is keep all their kids out of school tomorrow. They need to have a detailed discussion with their kids and be sure that the kids know that you do not approve of Der Fuhrer or his message.

# 4. 9/8/09 12:25 AM by Brandon - Logan, UT
thumbsdown.gif I agree with your analysis of the past seven months of Obama politics.

However, I do not see the relevance to this message.

Do I believe Obama wants kids to work hard and stay in school? Yes.

I think his target audience is the hundreds of thousands dropping out of school every year. The kids who think the deck is stacked against them and they should just give up. The kids falling through the cracks.

Call me crazy, but I am one conservative who believes he cares about kids staying in school, and taking responsibility for their education. The knee-jerk reaction I'm seeing from you, Glenn Beck, and others strikes me as pure political shrieking, all noise with no substance; and it's one of the things that has hurt our party.

I read his message, and I endorse it, and I want my kids to hear it, too.

Editor's Note: that's your choice. don't you think other parents ought to be able to make their choice, too?

# 5. 9/8/09 12:38 AM
I have two highschoolers and haven't decided yet how to handle Obama's speech. In Utah students can attend school, but opt out of the speech. Do I keep my kids home? Do I send them to school but not the speech? Do I send them to hear his message but refuse to fill out the worksheet? Do I attend with them? I'm not sure how best to send the message that this is a little too Hitleresct.

I think it's no coincidence that this is falling on the Tuesday after Labor Day so schools couldn't be inundated with calls about when, where, and why the Prez will be preaching to out kids.

Kinda like Jones resigning at 3:00am or whenever it was on a holiday weekend.

Real brave boys those Obama cult-members, brave indeed.

# 6. 9/8/09 12:42 AM by john - slc, utah
George W. Bush has gotten away with murder and nobody is doing anything about that. On Oct. 1, 2002, the CIA sent GWB a classified 2002 report with the consensus of 16 federal intelligence agencies saying Sadam Hussein was not an imminent threat to the security of this country and within a few days GWB told the American people the exact opposite and started a fradulent war. That alone is enough to prosecute him for murdering thousands of people. So, clean up your own mess with GWB before you start attacking Obama.

Editor's Note: wow, another fired-up democrat, telling us how bad bush was. there are two types of democrats: the marxists, and the idiots the marxists manipulated by telling them to hate bush.

# 7. 9/8/09 1:28 AM by Jack - Utardia
thumbsdown.gif Wrong again Bob. It is about Republicans. Moonbat Republicans. Paranoid freaks with a commie under every bed. It's obvious the moonbats haven't progressed since the 50's.

That is all. Give Pete a big kiss.

# 8. 9/8/09 1:37 AM by Jug Eared Marxist In Chief - Spiral Jetty ,Utah
I just rented the excellent HBO Movie of recent vintage, "John Adams" ( A MUST SEE!) And THAT, should be required screening in today's public freakin' schools!



# 9. 9/8/09 2:04 AM by Sarah - Reno, NV
thumbsup.gif A--FUBO--MEN!!!

# 10. 9/8/09 2:07 AM by JMS - Sandy, UT
thumbsdown.gif Bush was my President, Obama is my President. Regardless of who I vote for, after the election I support my country, not my political party.

If you don't like America, get the hell out of my country, traitor!

Editor's Note: obama is the country? interesting. and come make us leave. that ought to be a pretty sight.

# 11. 9/8/09 2:34 AM by Pete - Roy, Utah
thumbsup.gif My wife is calling the school to pull them out for a "family activity".

Laughingly, the media has been comparing this to Reagan addressing the Junior High Schools in the 1980's. They seem to leave out the part that much of the country at the time didn't have any problem with this because America trusted Ronald Reagan.

The fact is, we don't trust Obama. That's the bottom line. And the outcry from parents and several schools opting to either not show the address at all, or allow parents to excuse their children or students to excuse themselves, is a clear message that we don't want Obama talking to our kids.

Yet, he is doing it anyway. And it's appalling.

# 12. 9/8/09 3:20 AM by Citizen
Will they pass out the brown shirts before or after the speech?

Heil Hussein!

# 13. 9/8/09 3:56 AM by Fuller - Green Valley AZ
thumbsup.gif Amen to that! Great column sir.

# 14. 9/8/09 4:29 AM by W. Ross - Tucson, AZ
thumbsup.gif Alotta folks don't believe the guy is even eligible to be president. Perhaps he coulda brought a copy of his long form birth certificate to show students, parents, and teachers during his speech that he is actually legit. This would go a long way to assure young minds of his honesty and integrity.

# 15. 9/8/09 5:21 AM by SingerGuy - Orem, UT
thumbsup.gif How much you want to bet that the transcript released yesterday is not the same talk he was going to give before Conservatives shined the light of day on this issue? I'm as certain as I can be, based on his history, that he intended to be far more political with our children before the outcry caused him to fall back to his secondary. I don't care if I agree with every word in his talk as it stands now, I don't want him becoming a role model for my child and she will not be watching today.

# 16. 9/8/09 5:22 AM by DR (betty) - Phoenix, AZ
It’s not the speech (as I pointed out last week), it’s the subtext.

It’s the radical activism of the White House Teaching Fellows who designed the education guides tied to Obama’s speech.

It’s the overzealousness of public school educators who have turned classrooms into Obama campaign offices.

It’s the influence of the left-wing social justice crusaders of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge on Team Obama.

It’s the Left’s embrace of Obama Chicago pal Bill Ayers’ pedagogical philosophy of “education as the motor-force of revolution.”

It’s the activist tradition of government schools using students as junior lobbyists to pressure legislators for higher education spending, pro-illegal immigration protests, gay marriage, environmental propaganda, and anti-war causes.

These comments, that I agree with, were taken from:

I repeat: It’s not the speech, it’s the subtext; Update: Don’t let me, me, me down By Michelle Malkin • September 7, 2009 11:20 AM

# 17. 9/8/09 5:37 AM by loriene - caneadea
thumbsup.gif and the message he will give, will be nothing the one he intended to give in the beginning.

# 18. 9/8/09 5:37 AM by Rick G. - Spencerport, NY
Can we amend the 22nd Amendment to two years?

# 19. 9/8/09 5:45 AM
thumbsdown.gif Holy cow, I really can't believe the uproar about Obama wanting to talk to school kids. I'm a conservative, but I'm not at all concerned about it. He's going to tell the kids to work hard in school, stay in school, respect authority, don't get in trouble, etc. etc. Maybe your kids don't need to hear this from the president, but it's not going to hurt them. And for some kids, possibly those in the black community, it actually may have a positive impact, to receive this kindly lecture from someone who they consider "one of there own" (even though, rationally speaking, Obama's background isn't much like any of theirs).

Just give this thing a rest ... there have to be way more important things to get upset about.

# 20. 9/8/09 6:04 AM by Mr. Mackie - South Park, CO
thumbsup.gif Drugs are bad, mm'kay.

The Inspirer-in-Chief is setting the stage for June. When scores on Standardized Tests improve, he will claim it was his speech that did it.

Barack 4:20

# 21. 9/8/09 6:05 AM by Liberty Tom - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif I only wish I still had kids in school so I could have the satisfaction of writing a note, excusing them from having to listen to our Marist in Chief. The only leader I would allow them to listen to would be a leader that believes in American qualities such as limited government, confirmation of government officials (like our czars) and individual liberty. Also - it'd be nice if you could be sure that our "Dear Leader" was actually born in this nation, not Indonesia, or Kenya.

I do like the "jug eared Marxist" line.

# 22. 9/8/09 6:09 AM by Phil Krasnoff - Ontario,NY
thumbsup.gif As a city school teacher I can tell you that there will be no TV in my room during the speech. I have too many important things to do. Non will there be any special lesson plan. As a matter of fact I won't even bother talking about what the president is doing.

Keep up the good work. Don't let any one tell you otherwise.

# 23. 9/8/09 6:14 AM by JT - Rochester
When the president can't speak to kids the country is done. The arguments that that he has moved too far left are valid, but this paranoid reaction to everything he does makes you sound like a scared little girl.

# 24. 9/8/09 6:15 AM by Rick C. - Rochester,NY 14610
thumbsdown.gif Hey Bob!!! I am sure that you felt the same way about George Bush sitting in a classroom in Florida talking to school children on 9/11/01 and sitting there for 7 minutes with a dumb look on his face while 2 planes crashed into The World Trade Center. I think its time for Senator Al Franken to introduce his first bill to The Senate.. The Fairness Doctrine! FUBL!

Editor's Note: wow, another fired-up democrat burning the effigy of george w. bush. that's change we can believe in.

# 25. 9/8/09 6:25 AM - Livonia, NY
thumbsdown.gif You are so full of sh!t! You have been married 3 times, been excommunicated from your church or whatever it is they do to Mormons who are rude, nasty SOBs and make a living spewing that sh!t you are so full of on the radio. He is simply a better man than you, you can see it in the way he treats his wife and his children. Keep them in the dark about better people and ideas and you'll continue to propagate your backwards little societal ideas like mushrooms.

Editor's Note: inspired by their holy day -- labor day -- the fired-up democrats are ready to take back their country, again.

# 26. 9/8/09 6:27 AM by Mike Sr - Greece
I am sorry but there is no way I think the speech someone wrote for obama to give to our children is the same speech he intended to give before he was caught. When his directive to teachers first came to light and he changed the wording, concerning helping him get his programs passed . Then he changed his speech to a more genetic idea.

# 27. 9/8/09 6:38 AM by ex-pansy
My youngest doesn't start school until tomorrow. Oh, well.

# 28. 9/8/09 6:39 AM by jaymor
thumbsdown.gif The Administration has presented a multitude of reasons for disagreement. A presidential message affirming the value of formal education isn't one of them. Those who attack Obama on this one compromise their credibility on valid issues.

Editor's Note: another fired-up democrat engaging in wishful thinking

# 29. 9/8/09 6:40 AM by david - rochester
It occurs to me that the Prsident can put a speech on television almost any darn time he wants to. Parents in turn, can encourage the family to sit down and watch the Presidents speech...if they want to. Sorry, I just can't see any good reason for the President to choose a venue (the school)where free thought should be encouraged, and (without parental oversight),force children to watch this message. Put the speech on at the beginning of the nightly news...at 6:00 pm, we're all together and we can choose to watch or not.

# 30. 9/8/09 6:45 AM
Megafubos, Bob. This reminds me of the Hitler youth movement. Obama probably figures he's in for 8 years, God forbid, and he'll be able to bend young minds to his Marxist philosophy and possibly allegience to him personally over that length of time.

# 31. 9/8/09 6:47 AM by Lester C. St. Andrie
Bob, I just wish I were half as elegant a writer as you. You certainly hit the nail squarely on the head with this work. President Obama is a work of art that will never be matched again if people will wake up to what he is doing to this country. I for one would not want him to even talk to my child either in the classroom or in a face to face meeting. His arrogance is appalling to me and I can not understand where all the monies came from that put him through colloge and law school. His family sure as hell did not have money to send him to Harvard, yet he made it.In his books he disparges America and the people of this great nation. Thank you for writing this article....

# 32. 9/8/09 6:53 AM by rjd
Bob, you are such a hater, there is much work to be done to get your mind right, and of course barring that I hear the new Obama Soilent Green Czar should be quite sucessful in convincing you that Obama is your friend, Obama is your pal. I remember in the early part of the Obama dynasty some of us had high hopes that maybe Barry would use is position to help teach kids that with hard work they too could become reagent, that it was "cool" to be smart and educated and good at basketball, but not boweling, thats still not cool. All I can say is if I hear one more democrap say, "Obama won so get over yourself" which includes the president himself I'm moving to Canada...thats is of course if I can come up with the $100 for a passport.

# 33. 9/8/09 7:00 AM by Andrew - Henrietta
thumbsdown.gif I remember a few republican presidents doing the very same thing years ago and facing similar unfounded criticism from democrats. People are overreacting. Parents have far more influence over their children than any teacher or any guy on TV giving a boring speech for twenty minutes no matter how important everyone says he is. This can be a teachable moment where parents can talk about what the president said on TV and tell their kids why he is wrong. There comes a time when a child has to learn critical reasoning. They need to be able to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions about what is true and what isn't. Imagine the feeling of pride you would get if your child figured out on his or her own that the president is an idiot without needing anyone to tell them what to think about it.

Editor's Note: actually, lying fired-up democrat, there was no criticism, because the republican presidents had not similarly marginalized the republicans.

# 34. 9/8/09 7:16 AM by Poplar Beach
He in a Chicago politician with a relatively small circle of like minded friends, he is about as well rounded as a 5th grader when it comes to most thought and idea out of that small narrow minded circle, he has proven this time and time again.

I have rocket scientists, dentists, doctors, lawyers and many men who are brilliant and successful in their fields, as clients and friends, do I want them building rockets, fixing my children teeth, saving their life, absolutely. Would any of them make a great president, yes, a couple of them probably would, those who are wise outside their field of expertise, those who are open to ideas, those who have been around, those with self confidence, but not an overpowering ego.

Barack Obama may be brilliant in his field (a Chicago politician and a lawyer) but he is proving every day that he does not have the tools in his background to make even a fair president.

# 35. 9/8/09 7:20 AM by Big Jack
That's Right! Stay in school. Work hard. Get a good job so that Uncle Sam can tax you to death to support all those who don't!!

# 36. 9/8/09 7:22 AM by Herman G.
Hey Bob-

Note to school chillren-

You vill listen, you vill learn, you vill be tested.

That is all.


# 37. 9/8/09 7:27 AM
You're a liar.

Obama has injured himself because he tried to work with Right-wingers in Congress, who have done nothing but stab him in the back. Marginalize his opponents? He practically begged them.

And who's this "we"? Americans who earn a quarter-million lying on the radio, Americans who have seven kids who then blame Social Security for their financial woes, Americans who believe in Planet Kolob? That "we"?

Oh, and by the way...

(AP) WASHINGTON - Former first lady Laura Bush on Monday expressed support for President Barack Obama's decision to speak to the nation's school children, saying it is "really important for everyone to respect the president of the United States."

In an interview with CNN, Mrs. Bush, a former school teacher, said, "There's a place for the president of the United States to talk to school children and encourage school children" to stay in school.


ABC News' Steven Portnoy reports: The Florida Republican party chairman who last week accused the president of trying to “indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda” now says he’ll let his children watch what he calls a “good speech,” one the president “should give.”

“It’s a good speech,” Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer said Monday. “It encourages kids to stay in school and the importance of education and I think that’s what a president should do when they’re gonna talk to students across the country.”

So, even amongst outlier freaks, you're an outlier. Or is that outliar?

Obama's a far more mainstream American than you are or ever will be. Fact. And eventually the good people you lie to will figure you out and turn their backs on you. Fact.

Of course, it's no surprise you're against learnin'. Lonsberry's biggest enemy: Knowledge.

What a joke.

Editor's Note: quarter million? that's twice what i earn and half of what wease earns.

# 38. 9/8/09 7:36 AM by The Bus Stop
I hope he mentions something about wearing the proper attire to school. I just watched a group of kids get on the bus and a couple looked like they were dressed to go to the beach, some looked like little gangsters and one 13 year old girl looked like she should be walking Lyell Ave. charging $20. Oh wait, the kids don"t need talking to, the parents do.

# 39. 9/8/09 7:42 AM by Carole - Greenwood
thumbsup.gif I am a senior citizen and have lived in the good times when patriotism was the American way. We have now lost our country to Marxist and worse. This Hitleristic government we have now is making half of our residents non-americanized and the other half scared of what is yet to come. Orwell was only a few years off. His book should have been 2009 instead of 1984. If some have not read it they should very soon....and then wake up to reality.

# 40. 9/8/09 7:48 AM

Obama has been kissing Republican hiney ever since he got in office.

What the hell are you talking about? His own base is furious with him for coddling up to the Republicans and reminding him that the GOP lost and should be ignored.

The arrogance of you conservatives is what is absolutely astounding. And to make an issue of this simple school speech and call it socialist indoctrination is so ridiculous it should be laughed at with a hearty belly laugh.

Good lord, find a real issue to whine about or shut up.

# 41. 9/8/09 7:49 AM by Mario - Brockport
thumbsup.gif Welcome back Bob! This one is a home run.

There is no doubt that he had to change his speech after conservatives got fired up. Why else would he have to wait until yesterday to get the speech on the govt. website.

If anyone out there has doubts about the makeup of this man just listen to him. He said to judge him by the people he surrounds himself with. People like, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, Zeke Emanuel, and it goes on and on.....

Whatever happened to the Warren Buffets he said he would have as his advisors. Warren wants nothing to do with his economic policies.

And don't even get me started about our Pres as a role model. I certainly wouldn't want my kids spending their last 2 yrs of high school in a drugged out haze like he did and my children wouldn't have the advantages of affirmative action to get them to one of our Ivy league schools.

Why don't we have an HONEST conversation about this wack job.

Mega Fubo's to our radical-in-chief

Oh yeah, the reason we can't have an honest conversation is that you must be a racist if you don't agree with him.

# 42. 9/8/09 7:50 AM by bob - webster
Bobby-boy, you always say, "not to be negative", "not to be offensive", and "not to be a jerk", but the fact is YOU ARE negative, offensive, and a jerk. You're a LITTLE man who needs to pack a gun and a knife to feel big.

Editor's Note: two knives.

# 43. 9/8/09 7:55 AM by Richard - Rochester
thumbsdown.gif You keep invoking this "half the electorate" stuff as if Obama somehow brought it about. But in fact, half the electorate has been opposed to the sitting president for years now -- starting with Clinton when he "robbed" Bush I of his second term, extending on to Bush II, and now Obama. It's disingenuous of you to suggest that our country's political polarization is Obama's fault. The left made up its mind about GWB before he took office, and the right did the same about Obama. It's sad; but in the meantime, his message to kids is apolitical and worthwhile. Lighten up, Francis.

# 44. 9/8/09 7:56 AM by C - Rochester
thumbsup.gif Morning Bob. I agree. Many parents don't want their children to listen to Obama because we don't like him. We don't like what he stands for, and for what he is trying to do to our country. I don't need this moron telling my kids to stay in school and be told to write something about how they could help the idiot. I want my kids taught math, reading, english, and the REAL history of the world, NOT some new age liberal anti-american crap!!!!!! Obama wants to tell kids to stay in school because they are going to have to get jobs and pay for all the debt he's racking up. They'll have to pay for all the welfare and healthcare for the illegals. I love how the dim-witted liberal democrats always have to say something about Bush when they hear something negative said about Obama. What a bunch of idiots.

# 45. 9/8/09 7:57 AM by Dominic - Spencerport, NY
A President speaking to school children should be something valuable. It could be an opportunity to inspire.

THE PROBLEM IS that this current administration scares the crap out of many of us. It thinks and acts like socialists. It funds radical groups like ACORN. It places Czars. It is influenced by Van Jones, Ayers, etc. It takes over banks and auto manufacturers. It places our country deeply in debt. It alienates and embarasses us in front of our historical allies. It places our security at risk. It... has only been a few months and it is hard to keep track of all that is concerning about this administration.

I simply can not trust this President and assume other intentions are in play.

# 46. 9/8/09 8:02 AM by PHIL - SOUTH WEDGE NY

# 47. 9/8/09 8:04 AM by Peggy - Geneseo, NY
thumbsdown.gif Your vitriol against Obama is shared. However, he's not the 1st pres to "chat" with our kids. I say let the kids watch it, but parents and teachers should talk about it afterward. First ?? should be "Why would the President take the time to talk to our children?" Then, "What did he say?" "What does that mean to you?" Kids should be taught to think crtically, whether reading or watching TV, or listening to the president.

Editor's Note: he picked elementary-school kids, well known for their critical-thinking skills.

# 48. 9/8/09 8:05 AM by jj - rochester, ny
Nice backhanded compliment to the homeschool crowd. I will say this: having a socialist speak to the kids during school hours is par for the course.

I just wish more people would speak just as loud protesting some of the other garbage that's fed to our kids the other 179 school days.


# 49. 9/8/09 8:05 AM
Molestation by Marxism.

# 50. 9/8/09 8:06 AM
Our job as parents is to ultimatly attempt to teach our children HOW TO THINK not necessarily WHAT to think. This is where parenting comes in....a far fetched idealogy much more complicated than any Obama speech to some. 15 minutes of Obama doctrination is nothing compared to the hooligans public school spits out on a year to year basis.

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