Written March 3, 2010     

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# 1. 3/3/10 12:15 AM by Mark - Greece
What's wrong with you? My Tracfone doesn't text, take pictures, connect to the internet, GPS, it doesn't do s#*t! It doesn't get reception in about 90% of the places I am, and I only have limited minutes. Why the h*e*double hockey stick would you go and ruin a good thing?? Don't cry on my shoulder!

# 2. 3/3/10 12:16 AM by Rick - Lehi Ut
I am perfectly happy with the phone I have.. I pre-pay for the minutes I use and all I use i for is to make short calls and play "PacMan" when I am bored. I don't see any need to pay for all those extras...

# 3. 3/3/10 12:22 AM by L - Orem, UT
thumbsup.gif When my old cell phone broke, I went and got another one just like it. I sure don't want a blackberry or i-phone or anything like it. Husband has a droid AND an i-phone, AND 2 i-pods.

# 4. 3/3/10 12:23 AM by DaWiz - San Antonio, Texas
thumbsup.gif Agree with you completely. I only bought mine because it had limited function and it fit the holder to camouflage my concealed-carry holster. The one I bought is a Samsung/AT&T with a camera and thats all the complexity I want or need. Besides, it might have enticed me into doing something stupid like texting while driving.

# 5. 3/3/10 12:47 AM by Bob - Irondequoit
Your poll assumes all your readers have a phone. I do not want, need, or have a phone. Never have....hopefully never will. I keep things simple and old fashioned. When I want to communicate over a distance I break out the empty soup cans and the kite string. And when I want to fish, I tip a paper clip with a booger. Simple and old fashioned.

# 6. 3/3/10 1:10 AM by Dave - Holley
thumbsup.gif In response to your poll: of course I can work everything on my phone. There's only one dial. How hard could it be?

# 7. 3/3/10 1:22 AM by Pete
thumbsdown.gif Bob,

Why, why did you buy an instrument of satan's realm?

All these devices are simply meant to keep us confounded, distracted, absorbed, memorized and confused just to take our attention away from what is really going on and what actually means something to the existence of mankind!

Some younger person this evening wanted to show me his new T-Mobile smart phone. Touch screen, OH, OH OH, web access, OH, OH OH, can pin point the hair on the ass of a monkey in Africa. OH, OH, OH.

He is paying $180.00 for two phones per month????????????????????

Idiocy, simply idiocy, stupid, ridiculous, wasteful, God help us...........

Bob, sell that piece of sh#@ and buy a normal cell phone and use it for what it is intended to be: a means of communication and not some fuc$#@ status symbol like these other idiots, young, old, professional or otherwise.

Jesus people, "the one who dies with the most toys" does not win anything but the grave......just like all of us!

WAKE UP...................

# 8. 3/3/10 3:44 AM by Joe Cool
thumbsup.gif Good Morning Bob,

I have the new Blackberry Curve,

The best part of my Blackberry is the Brickbreaker...

# 9. 3/3/10 6:05 AM by Poplar Beach
It seem your wife is the smart one here; didn't need it, take it back, 3 weeks later and you still have it. Francis the mule would be ashamed of you for your stubbornness.

# 10. 3/3/10 6:16 AM by SGM - Utah
thumbsup.gif Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I've been having irrational thoughts lately about finally getting a cell phone. You've convinced me I don't need it.

I'm 67 yrs old and probably because of what you've talked about and my own admission that I'm not computer literate enough I have never owned a cell phone.

If people need to talk to me, or I need to talk to them, I'll use the home phone, office phone, or, heaven forbid, I'll email a message.

I feel sorry for cell phone owners. Their time is not their own. They have grown a new appendage to their body. What a tragedy. I've got grandkids with cell phones. If I was an employer, I'd fire them all. They spend too damn much time texting or talking to someone. And yes, talking/texting on a cell phone while driving should be against the law.

# 11. 3/3/10 6:21 AM by hunter - e. bethany, ny
thumbsup.gif Take a look at the Samsung Alias II from Verizon.

# 12. 3/3/10 6:23 AM by Fairport mom
Not to sound too motherly here, but I've always tried to teach my kids that if something's going poorly, there's no shame in cutting your losses and doing a course correction. In fact, it is a very good idea.

# 13. 3/3/10 6:23 AM by hunter - e. bethany, ny
thumbsup.gif Take a look at the Samsung Alias II from Verizon.

Editor's Note: what about the droid?

# 14. 3/3/10 6:28 AM
...but let's not tar all feathers with the same brush. Cell phones are incredibly useful and convenient. Just don't buy one that has a million features.

# 15. 3/3/10 6:42 AM by Suzie - Penfield, NY
My husband has two blackberries issued from the two jobs that he works. He seems to be able to handle them, but I like my basic cell phone. It works very well as a phone. It takes decent pictures, though I wish it had GPS.

# 16. 3/3/10 6:44 AM by Rick G. - Spencerport NY
When my daughter decided to be a big girl and take on all of her bills, I went out and bought her the new Blackberry Whatever that she wanted. Verizon had a two-fer, so of course she said, “Dad –you can get one too!” I watched her manipulate the freckle-sized buttons on the demo while simultaneously rolling that little tiny ball thing around as she effortlessly pulled up Google and searched for movies in our area and I thought to myself, “I’d rather do microsurgery on the pulsating brain of Stephen Hawkin while wearing mittens than get one of these things.” Besides, I’d break it in a week.

So I suffered the laughter of the Verizon tech-geek as he looked at my cell phone – which, by the way, makes phone calls all the way to California if I want. “Hey look, Justin – this guy has a MOTOROLA cell phone!” He said it as if it had a cord on it that stretched all the way to my house.

Good luck with yours, Bob. I’m not saying it’s not cool, but I’m waiting for one that has man-sized buttons and a view screen that shows images that don’t look like they were painted on the head of a pin.

# 17. 3/3/10 6:58 AM by alexander - upstate ny usa
#5, hope you and your hairy wife are happy.

what about those droid things? they seem easier for stooped people.

# 18. 3/3/10 7:01 AM by rjd
Ya know I really have very little use for a cell phone. There are times when i just dont want to be bothered, dont want to be connected or "communicate". I feel bad for males these days, now they dont have any excuses to Not be in touch with their wives/girl friends, what a tragedy, what a bunch of pusses, and youre wondering why males these days dont "man-up", soy beans my arse, its that friggin cell phone they lead you around by. Cut the cord!, and FUBO forever.

# 19. 3/3/10 7:04 AM by m.l.c.
thumbsup.gif Down with the blackberry! My husband wants to get a new phone and give me his old blackberry. I would rather keep my old phone of 3 years. The buttons SUCK!

# 20. 3/3/10 7:24 AM by ex-pansy
thumbsup.gif I have a cell phone for three (and only three) reasons: (1)I am a substitute teacher a few days a week in addition to a regular part-tome teaching gig; and don't want to be tied down at home waiting for jobs to come in.(2) I have a special needs child who has seizures not controlled by medication. So I need to have a phone in case an emergency happens.(3) I am a runner and again, I carry only in case of emergency.

Other than that, I would not even have a phone. Am I really THAT important that people need to suddenly get a hold of me right away? Can't they wait 10 minutes or so like they did in the olden days? I'm an art teacher for crying out loud, not a first responder. And don't even talk to me about texting or using a cell phone while driving. When I drive, I don't even like to talk to the people IN my car...

My camera is separate from my phone, and if I want to do email, I do it from my computer at home. GPS...I'm just not that anal enough to need one. The problem with all of these four-in one whirlygigs is that if one function doesn't work, you have to take it in to get it fixed; which means you lose the other three functions. Not every electronic device was meant to be a multitasking Swiss-army knife when it grows up.

Besides, I'd rather have the four separate things. They keep my purse nice and heavy, which makes for a good upper-body workout.

# 21. 3/3/10 7:26 AM by ex-pansy
Those iPads though, look WAAAAAY sexy....

# 22. 3/3/10 7:27 AM by royb. - swain, ny
bob, i read somewhere that only 25% of all households in america have a landline still in use. all others use a cell phone or similar procuct. Here, in Allegany Co., we are fortunate to have electricity. And indoor plumbing. And you, of all people, complaining about your blackberry. The only blackberry I know of grows on bushes. What are they going to think of next....the Elderberry? How about the Sumac? Give me a break! You pay through the nose to have one of these "doorstoppers" and it doesn't work. Stop your whining and use it for a target. Life is short and so why do you put yourself through so much grief? Don't worry about what other have or what they want you to have. Remember the song,"Don't worry, Be Happy", DO IT!!

# 23. 3/3/10 7:28 AM by Larry - Virginia
thumbsup.gif When I see these things all over, or a friend gets a new one, I keep asking myself if I should have one, but I just can't figure out any real use I'd have for it except to have what everybody else has. I know if I got one I'd go through what you have, and probably more. I've gotten to hate a lot of modern items, with their confusing menus and lack of written directions. I was in the electronics section of Target last week and realized I didn't even know what some of the stuff was! We are indeed "old farts."

# 24. 3/3/10 7:36 AM by Corey@Sapp.com - Webster, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob:

You owe it to yourself to try the iPhone. It is the best designed, easiest to use smartphone by far. Go down to the AT&T store and spend 30 minutes playing with the demo. You won't need a book. It is all self explanatory. Try the camera, make a call, try voicemail.

I know you are using Verizon for the whole family, and don't want to change, but face it, most companies have similar plans and prices.

Try the iphone, you won't be dissapointed.

Editor's Note: we're a verizon family, and moving everyone over to at&t is not practical, affordable or possible. and being outside the network, and separated from family by a fee, is not practical. so no iphone. sadly.

# 25. 3/3/10 7:46 AM
I have a parent who still shouts when talking long-distance to family in the old country. When he hangs up, he invariably says, "That connection was crystal clear!" in a tone of wonderment.

# 26. 3/3/10 7:52 AM by D. Metruck - Mary Esther, FL
thumbsup.gif The only reason I have a phone is so the 3 schools my kids go to can get me if I am needed. It rings and that's it. No camera, no texting, no anything "fun" and that's how I like it. When some form wants my cell phone number I write in N/A. I don't want to be in Target enjoying some shopping and everyone and their cousin calling me. Schools, that's it,

# 27. 3/3/10 7:52 AM by Bruce - Hilton, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob, I still have a rotary phone and get a good laugh at my kids friends trying to figure out how it works. I also get a laugh at them when they text each other when they are standing in the same room.

# 28. 3/3/10 8:01 AM by Dee
Your spider fingers or your walrus fingers?

Editor's Note: spider. i have skinny, pansy fingers. i think of some of these guys who work with their hands, how in the heck do they possibly make a call on one of these things?

# 29. 3/3/10 8:01 AM by Pete - Roy, Utah
Bob, wasn't your last phone an iPhone?

The company I recently work for went with the iPhone. I cannot say too many good things about it. Every feature works flawlessly. The number pad for phone dialing is easy to use and has nice large buttons (on the touch screen. The GPS works very well. Apple's support is second to none! (not that I've needed to call them much). I love everything about the iPhone. I'm not an app fanatic and don't buy every iPhone app available, but there are a few that I do like.

86 the Blackberry and get an iPhone. That's my advice.


Editor's Note: my last phone was the first generation nv, or whatever it's called. and i can't leave verizon. can't afford to.

# 30. 3/3/10 8:06 AM by gww - Rochester, NY
I get a laugh from reading the comments from all the dinosaurs here. Just because they're too ignorant, or too lazy to figure out how to use the newest technology, they portray it as something evil being thrust upon us and must be fought against to protect their sacred 1950's.

# 31. 3/3/10 8:11 AM by Cindy K - Penfield, NY
thumbsup.gif I got a cell phone to MAKE CALLS - that's all I want - could someone please let the people that think up these innovations (the smart people in charge) know that there are people who just want to make and receive calls - and voicemail that works would be nice....thank you.

# 32. 3/3/10 8:18 AM
Ok, enough with the Marxist complaining attitude. If you go all the way down Lake Ave, then turn right, then left, and walk north to the end of the pier. Say a prayer and then drop it into the water. Ok Pal.....

# 33. 3/3/10 8:21 AM
I just heard on the news that two (2) peanuts walked into a bar and one got assaulted.

How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it.....

# 34. 3/3/10 8:23 AM by hunter - e. bethany, ny
No data plan; however, Visual Voice Mail, is a $3/mo Verizon download which allows you to proactively manage voice mail.

# 35. 3/3/10 8:23 AM
Don't feel bad Bob, I hear Governor Dave can't work his Blackberry either!

# 36. 3/3/10 8:24 AM by Carole - greenwood/florida
thumbsup.gif WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!!!!

# 37. 3/3/10 8:29 AM by aj from Walworth - Walworth
thumbsup.gif I used a simple palm pilot before I got a cell phone. A couple stupid experiences with my car (like gas and tires) spurred me to get the phone. I seldom use it.

It has come in handy when my mother in law took sick and my mum was dying, and for a handful of things. I don't use it much. Wound up with about 50 hrs of roll-over minutes (really) that my husband uses when he works at home.

Everyone tells me to get a Blackberry and I won't have to carry a phone and my PDA, but all I can think of is that if I lost one or the other of mine, I am not totally lost. If I had it all in one and I lost it, my life would be a mess. Plus, I don't want to be tempted to be on the net at all times. I waste enough time here! I don't need all the buzzers, beepers and flashing lights - I just want a phone that calls people and a place to keep my info. If I had a working brain, I wouldn't need that much.

SO then, I buy a Chevy with ONStar and I now have a car phone!!!!! And an old corded hang on the wall phone at home.

And all I get is junk calls anyhow!


Bob, I've 'known' you for a lot of years and it pains me now to have to tell you that you ARE an idiot.

I have a berry and it works just fine. I have no troubles with it's operation and I am at least ten years older than you are. Maybe it is because Blackberry is Canadian, that I have more success than you. But I think not.

I didn't want to confirm your idiocy in public and even tried to call you but I kept getting some guy in Venezuela and a lady in Portugal.

ridiculous Rod (Crouch)from Toronto will be here soon to demand the banning of all cell phones. Take it away Rod . . .

# 39. 3/3/10 8:36 AM by Andrew v - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob - Great article. Those things are way too complicated and I would never get one (and i'm what they call a young person). They are to expensive and are horrible to work with. hope you work it out.

# 40. 3/3/10 8:40 AM by Mark - Greece
To #17: I'm no techno-geek, so tell me, what makes a Droid easier to use if you happen to be in a bent-over position?

# 41. 3/3/10 8:41 AM by alexander - upstate ny usa
thought iphone and verizon were going to partner soon...

Editor's Note: is there any truth to that rumor? can they do it before next week?

# 42. 3/3/10 8:46 AM by DD
The worst phone service I had was with AT&T. Stick with Verizon, Bob. Don't post this if it'll get you in trouble. :)

Editor's Note: i don't know anything about at&t cell service, but i've never had a beef with verizon. i turn on the phone and i get service. that's what i like.

# 43. 3/3/10 8:49 AM by Julie
...so the reason it's called a "crackberry" is for all the times it's slammed into a wall?

# 44. 3/3/10 8:51 AM by Snake P
Hey Bob-

Ever actually look at your phone bill? You are paying something like 20-25% in taxes! Thanks for pumping up the system buddy.

I used to have the electronic leash but wised up and got a "net 10" prepaid. I get reception where a lot of the big names don't. I don't pay any fees or taxes. If I lose it or break it 30 bucks gets me a new one with 300 minutes.

And they can't track me down because it's not GPS equipped.


# 45. 3/3/10 9:13 AM by Dave - West Irondequoit, NY
thumbsdown.gif Sorry Bob,

I've had a BlackBerry for a few years, and yes, it does take a litle work, but they are fine. The only people who should have one are those who need access to email during the day, and as a sales man traveling all over the US, Canada and even Germany, I need it. Keep practicing with it, and you will be fine. And by all means, stay with Verizon!!!! I have sat next to people in a room, and compared signals. My ATT has no signal, but the guy with Verizon gets it full strength.

If you don't want email, take it back! And I am a techno fool, and got mine to work!

# 46. 3/3/10 9:14 AM by alexander - upstate ny usa
ain't gonna happen by next week. check out the droid, my neighbor has one, likes it and he's an idiot.

# 47. 3/3/10 9:15 AM
It's a matter of need versus want. I don't need a Blackberry so I agree with you. Stop being a lemming and go back to your regular cell phone.

# 48. 3/3/10 9:22 AM
I'll trade you your Blackberry for one delicious family-size meal per week for a year.

Editor's Note: my wife's got that covered.

# 49. 3/3/10 9:23 AM by KC - Rochester, NY
They've been making everyone at work get "CrackBerries" for a long time and I have avoided it since day one.

My boyfriend has the LG EnV Touch. It's REALLY sharp and easy to use. I have the Samsung Rogue which was cheaper than the EnV at the time, but works equally as well.

Stay far far from those BlackBerries... they destroy relationships, mental well being, and humanity as a whole!

# 50. 3/3/10 9:27 AM by bob - webster
#7, Pete----Boy, are you a wacko (er, a religious nut)!!

Bobby-boy, all cell phones are good for is to call and order a pizza on your way home from golf OR for your wife to call you at the grocery store and add a few things to your list.

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