Written March 9, 2010     

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# 1. 3/9/10 12:08 AM by Paul Martin - Rochester NY
YES, A RATTLESNAKE!!! Hear him make that rattle make noise to let everyone know where he is. (Ready to strike again!)

# 2. 3/9/10 12:20 AM by Zzyzx - Sandy UT
Interesting. Now you're calling him a snake. Last week you too, fawned over him, admittedly for different reasons, but you certainly weren't calling him a snake.

What's a Utah Conservative to think? We don't know this guy. You exposed his sordid past, but then boohooed about it. Currently Rush and Beck think he's solid gold.

I think your snake assessment is likely the most accurate. And even you knew he was a snake when you picked him up last week.

Just goes to show you can't really live a duplicitous life. You're either an honorable human being or you're not. No matter how hard that pill is to swallow, it's still true.

I know you'd like to think differently, but you're fooling yourself.

# 3. 3/9/10 12:34 AM by American Voter
His actions of the last week show how far a man will go to avoid the accusations of him being exposed as a bisexual. The accusations are not only embarising to him but almost more so to his wife and kids. If the sailors from his old Navy ship came forward now it would probably make for a more truthful resignation. He should still be investigated for sexual harrassment and if enough evidence is found he should be charged and tryed. It has gotten this far because of his own actions. He should be held accountable.

# 4. 3/9/10 1:05 AM
If he was a yes vote he would still be a congressman no matter what a piece of garbage he is.

Vote tea party endorsed candidates 2010/2012

# 5. 3/9/10 2:31 AM by JOHN - MOUNTMORRISNY
thumbsup.gif I think we all should be aware of Tawana Brawley like media whiplash. Something's just not right, even if it's leftovers. Dan Rather fell into a trap of sorts, by believing too much without engaging the gears. And knee jerk reaction to spin, puts every one in the circle in hype's harm's way.

just musin'

# 6. 3/9/10 3:20 AM by ex-pansy
thumbsup.gif Well Bob, that sure is good news for the bare-naked guys in the shower...

...looks like Massa was finally able to enlist some men to do his dirty laundry for him...

"Lather, rinse, repeat".

# 7. 3/9/10 4:40 AM by Ron - Webster
thumbsup.gif I was thinking the exact same thing. I'm curious, does an elected official (before s/he is sworn in) have to take a a psychological evaluation and interview? Your typical cop takes a 900 question test followed by an interview of several psychologists before he is able to get hired to enforce the laws. These people make the laws. What kind of screening to do they get? I'm convinced they are all either criminals or unstable.

# 8. 3/9/10 6:02 AM by Rob Staples - Henrico, VA
thumbsup.gif I agree with you, but if this guy is a snake. What are the other leaders of our country? Besides Eric Massa can always get a job selling used cars, he has the talent. Our country is in trouble, God help us.

# 9. 3/9/10 6:10 AM by hunter - e. bethany, ny
Forget all the rational reasons this guy should not be trusted, how can you believe anything said by a man who sits down to take a shower? Unless Rahm Emmanuel is very short or the seats in the shower stalls are very high, it would be a reach for Rahm to poke a finger downward into then Democrat Representative Massa's chest.

Maybe Massa will run on the Republican ticket to fill the seat.

# 10. 3/9/10 6:12 AM
The first time you interviewed Massa before his election it was obvious he was a phoney. He feigned an emotional spell requiring a break in the interview over the plight of military people. Only his acting has improved since then.

What are the chances of a special election? I'd love to be part of an early referendum on the healthcare takeover.

# 11. 3/9/10 6:23 AM by Rick G. - Spencerport NY
So, which one are you in this story, Bob? Woodward or Berstein?

# 12. 3/9/10 6:23 AM by Sam - Rochester
thumbsup.gif I liked your earlier column, he is simply a FID (fag in denial) who is now throwing crap on the wall hoping something besides the truth will stick.

Sadly, Rush is simply hearing what he wants to hear, not surprised. I am a little surprised that Beck fell for it.

# 13. 3/9/10 6:39 AM by OldVietVet - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob: Yes,Massa is slick, and has no credibility. And the opinion makers on the right are ever eager to fan the growing flames around Obama. They recognize, as does Massa, the opportunity presented by casting blame on the Presidents abrasive, and maybe too well known, chief-of-staff.The "spawn of Satan"? They dont appreciate however the threat of burning themselves. Rahm Emmanuel will not allow himself to become the Presidents whipping boy.Eric Massa and Glen Beck have seen to that.

# 14. 3/9/10 6:49 AM by rjd
To tell the truth i dont listen to Beck or Rush anymore, all they are is pitch men. Rush is selling hard drive back up and indentity theft insurance and Beck is selling gold, which is funny because why is he selling it if he thinks its important to have, and what does he get in exchange? They both basically have struck gold by telling a certain group what they want to hear day after day, the only thing that is for sure is the rich get richer the poor get welfare and the regular working guy takes it in the shorts. Eric, alias the sailor in the village people, is playing the tell the people what they want to hear game, nobody cared about his first two stories but hes finally hit a chord with his third, no doubt a book and a screen play follows, I can see it all now, Toby Mcguire as Eric Massa in "The Gay Seaman"

# 15. 3/9/10 7:00 AM by alexander - upstate ny usa
and HE's complaining about no curtains in the congressional showers.... oh the lies never end with that "man".

# 16. 3/9/10 7:09 AM
He called my house for a "town meeting" once, and my machine answered it, and he said with ALOT of aggressiveness, something like, "i know you're there!!!!". I don't know the guy, didn't vote 4 him, etc.. I think he's too aggressive. Other than that, I heard they arrested a couple of "acorn" workers for cheating for claiming more votes than 1 for 1 person?? Corrupt, illegal behavior. Whats that all about? Did Obama know about this kind of stuff??

# 17. 3/9/10 7:19 AM by conrad - cuba
Many of those house dems. knew before that "healthcare bill" vote, that the bill would have enough votes to pass, even when they voted "nay". Pelosi didn't want to lose any of her dems. in the 2010 elections in those tight districts, like Massa's. So they could allow some no votes to be counted on the democrat side of the aisle and still move that "bill" into the senate. This next vote may be a little different though. I don't think they have as much wiggle room, and may need every yes vote they can muster. So how do you think Massa's situation will affect that?

# 18. 3/9/10 7:21 AM
I met Tom Reed last night and I think he will do a fine job in congress. That is assuming Maggie stays perched on her branch....

# 19. 3/9/10 7:21 AM by Jim Phalen - Rochester, NY
You mentioned it briefly but I would like to hear more quotes on why Eric Massa voted against the health care bill. If it was due to it not being a comprehensive enough takeover by the Federal government everyone needs to hear that (again) and not lionize him for his courage. An opponent of my opponent is not necessarily my friend!

# 20. 3/9/10 7:27 AM by Poplar Beach
I am guessing Massa probably put away that picture of Obama in his swim shorts he had on his desk.

Rush says he is right 98% of the time, Beck says he researches extensively and reads every minute he is not on the air, (apparently not your column)they are both hurting their credibility for this opportunity to bash Obama and his boys.

Who could resist the Rahm being the spawn of satan line. If nothing else Massa is creative, but his rants do confirm he is not a guy to be trusted. Right now I would not trust him as far as I could throw him and I sure would not like to get close enough to him to try that.

I do doubt that the ethics panel announcement and the Hoyer comments comparing Massa to Foley would have been made at this time if Massa had been a yes vote for health care; there is no doubt they would have waited until after the vote; But they did not throw him under the bus, Massa did that himself!

# 21. 3/9/10 7:29 AM by bob - webster
I can't add much to what #14 has said, other than Limbaugh and Beck will perpetuate any lie that serves their hateful purposes.

Two decades ago Limbaugh was a refreshing voice speaking out against government lies and overspending---NO MATTER WHAT PARTY WAS IN POWER. He has morphed into a far-right wacko with a multimillion dollar contract (and that contract is all he really cares about).

# 22. 3/9/10 7:31 AM by Andrew the fired up Dem - Henrietta, NY
It is disappointing to hear Rush and Glen get used by Massa. Much like when Dan Rather reported about that fake letter supposedly from an old CO of Bush. They don't bother to verify the facts because they are being told what they want to hear. Maybe it will hurt Rush's and Glen's credibility, but I doubt it. In the end all that matters is Massa is gone and good riddance.

# 23. 3/9/10 7:37 AM by Bob
thumbsdown.gif What politicians are NOT liars. Massa voted against Obamacare. That's all I need to know in order to throw my support his way. I don't care if he used the F word. I don't care if he is bi or gay. That is between him and God.

He voted against Obamacare.

I usually agree with you, but on this one I think you were suffering from encephlorectumitis.


# 24. 3/9/10 7:39 AM
This just goes to show you how ignorant he (Massa) thinks people are. But, I got news for him, this time I don't think so. His true color's have shown, and they sure the hell aren't red, white, and blue. The true meaning of politics has come out in full force.

Can you say Medley Center?

# 25. 3/9/10 7:43 AM by Gary M - Hornell NY USA
There is no honor among thieves.

Either Massa is being thrown under the bus or he is trying to throw Obama under the bus.

The Democratic party is in total tailspin and Rush and Beck are just trying to show the American voters what lengths they will go to to protect themselves.

The Dems keep claiming they are going to push Obamacare through, despite the GOP obstructionist.

So, call a vote.

Make some popcorn and enjoy the show.

# 26. 3/9/10 8:09 AM
I urge all your readers to send a link to this essay and the previous Massa one to Glenn Beck:


Editor's Note: when i did that yesterday the spam block got me.

# 27. 3/9/10 8:19 AM by Snake P
Hey Bob-

Some famous man said somewhere-

"These are interesting times in which we live" could right now be a good example....of course.

I think a wise man would sit on the sidelines and watch the performance by ALL parties. Then when the smoke clears make his move.

Let them tear each other apart, stay out of the blood spatter and endeavor to persevere when all is done.

That's my plan anyhow.

Snake (the real one)


Bob, you have Beck's secret telephone number. Call the dupe and tell him he is being led down the garden path. Tell him, that he is so intent on making points against this administration that he is embracing a proven liar to do so.

And then sit back and enjoy being able to say "told you so" when the ship hits the fan and both Beck and Limbaugh are scrambling for cover.


# 29. 3/9/10 8:31 AM
And what happens when all this backfires on Limbaugh, Beck, and Drudge? A real sort of "Karma". They will go down a few notches, and you, Bob, will go up a few... Satan works overtime to foment evil in the world, and he has found an ally in Eric Massa. Too bad, like you say, his stories don't hold water. They are too varied and inconsistent. He is a classical pathological liar. And the real truth will finally come out...

# 30. 3/9/10 8:34 AM by Re: #26
Can't you rewrite it and send it as an e-mail?

# 31. 3/9/10 8:37 AM by John - Pittsford
Maybe he is smart, Bill Clinton kinda smart

# 32. 3/9/10 8:38 AM by Beth - Canandaigua, NY
thumbsdown.gif Snake? Takes one to know one. Interestingly enough you were the one who ran the tabloid article no sources cited just "understandings".

I do not agree with Massa politics. Of course he said it was his cancer. Did it ever occur to you that he was trying to protect his family from embarrassment? He then realized that people like you(who used to praise him) were ready to strike so he tried doing damage control.

And ok fine if the Democrat party isn't trying to take him out (like they are doing to Patterson, like they did to Traficant) is he telling a lie about how the Democrat party functions?

Go ahead and call him a snake. Takes one to know one.

Editor's Note: my primary source yesterday spoke to the house ethics committee, and gave its investigator the names of the people involved.

# 33. 3/9/10 8:48 AM
Re Editor's Note: when i did that yesterday the spam block got me.

I got an email asking me to verify that I was an actual person, not a spammer. I just clicked to verify and my message went through. I don't know whether anyone on his staff will actually see it in time, but my thought was that if they get enough with "Eric Massa" in the subject line, someone might notice.

# 34. 3/9/10 8:49 AM by alexander - upstate ny usa
So, Massa will be on Beck's TV show today. Judging from his behavior this past week, er.. past year, I think America will see his true colors shine.

Remember the fuel cell car fiasco he was part of?

Some of the commentary on FoxNews yesterday implied Massa is a kook, they're not all buying into the "he was forced out" story.

# 35. 3/9/10 8:52 AM
I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Coulter and Malkin media darlings of the GOP conservatives will destroy the GOP and seriously tarnish conservatives. This Eric Massa story is a perfect example of why.

Limbaugh and Beck are embracing a snake in Eric Massa. But, no one embraces a snake except another snake. We will see Beck coil his slimey self around Massa and watch Massa coil his slippery self around Beck for an hour tonight. If I want to watch snakes having sex I'll go to the zoo!

Remember, Fox News is the leader of all cable news channels. It's not hard to see why.

Snake porno.

# 36. 3/9/10 8:55 AM by Matt - Fairport
thumbsdown.gif Rot in Hell, you lousy sack of !*&!@.

# 37. 3/9/10 8:57 AM by DD
thumbsdown.gif Massa was a much needed no vote. Now Massa's gone. Suddenly.

The pundits find that suspicious. So do I.

# 38. 3/9/10 9:00 AM by Liberty Tom - Rochester, NY
The enemy of my enemy is my friend....at least for now.

# 39. 3/9/10 9:01 AM by Matt - Fairport
thumbsdown.gif You're the snake, Lonsberry. You make up any crap you want and put it in your crappy column and pinheads accept it as truth. Your cult disgusts me.

# 40. 3/9/10 9:06 AM by bob - greece,ny
thumbsup.gif Just another in a long line of dirty, lying politicians. this country is doomed

# 41. 3/9/10 9:08 AM by Poplar Beach
"The claim that Massa is being taken down for voting against health care, while others who did the same thing are being treated kindly and even rewarded, is preposterous."

I have been thinking about this, if any of these others have skeletons in their closet (as Massa did) I wonder if their vote will change to yes.

Massa is a snake who can not control his urges, that it is men does not really make him much different than Clinton. I wonder if Bill ever tousled Monica's hair and said anything suggestive?

Bill was their man, the dems stood by him, defended him, minimized his sleaze. If Massa had been a yes vote, an Obama worshiper, would the ethics committee have been mentioned, or would Hoyer and the dems have handled the problem for him.

Massa should be gone, Clinton should have been gone, and Massa, a guilty man, may be spinning this to his advantage, but his claim that he was treated the way he was (by the party) because he was a no vote may have some credibility.

# 42. 3/9/10 9:08 AM by Andy - Fairport, NY
thumbsdown.gif Several key points/observations.

1. Isn't it ironic that Patterson and Massa have run into trouble, only after they crossed their party? I say that's no coincidence.

2. Eric Massa has as much right to become another loudmouth on the TV or radio, just like you, Beck and Limbaugh.

3. If millions more people embrace Massa just because Beck and Limbaugh do, it's just further proof of how foolishly uniformed and gullible people are.

# 43. 3/9/10 9:10 AM by Marie - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif I've sent this link to both Beck & Limbaugh, along with my comments as a NY-29er. Beck's spam-block sends you an e-mail to confirm that you're not a spam machine; after you take his anti-spam step, your message will be sent.

# 44. 3/9/10 9:13 AM by George Ziegler - Rochester, NY
thumbsdown.gif how he votes on cap and tax, and health care, he voted against both bills, I don't know why bob is continually slamming him, I don't care about anything else, it only matters how he votes

Editor's Note: have you looked at any of his other votes -- which are in lock step with nancy pelosi? is your google broken, too?

# 45. 3/9/10 9:16 AM
Massa finally found success in FUBO. That's the only reason you are hearing his name. Because of FUBO, and how conservatives love FUBO.

FUBO has gone too far.

# 46. 3/9/10 9:21 AM by Dave - Penfield, NY
Snake? He's a politician?!

I would not be surprised if this wedding thing was a set-up, and/or retribution from his Health care vote. If he resigns? Until the seat is filled, one less 'yes' needed to counter his no. If not? It's a message to others. If a republican fills the seat? Who cares about other issues. BHO is 'all in' as they say, on health care. If he fails here, his term is a failure.

Why did he resign? Of course, there's dirt aplenty on him.

He's in a bind, he's adding spin, making the best of it. Like a true - and skilled - politician.

# 47. 3/9/10 9:27 AM by BT - Alexandria, Va
Massa would be more credible if he didn't resign and stuck around to fight what he argues are fairly baseless charges. An innocent man would not resign nor would someone being railroaded. Rush & Beck need to read the article you wrote last week about Massa. Clearly he doesn't want the embarrassment of having his "other side" come out (no pun intended). Instead, he has launched a narrative that paints him a hero and it may work particularly if it contains at least some truth. My guess, it does.

# 48. 3/9/10 9:28 AM by Donald - Provo
Massa spoke right down Beck's talking points, so of course he jumped all over this and said that finally the truth was coming out. All along I was remembering your own article the other day about Massa, and thinking "Guys, don't go overboard." Thanks for keeping us informed, Bob!

# 49. 3/9/10 9:31 AM
You may be right but it still looks like you boned Massa, who came off as a friend on the air.

Editor's Note: he wishes

# 50. 3/9/10 9:42 AM by Mark - Brkpt
thumbsdown.gif Sorry Bob, you're the one being duped. Is Massa a snake ? Sure he is. Is he a rump roaster ? Probably so. Is he lying about certain issues ? You betcha. But they are all dirtbags doing dirtbag things with most getting away with it. I suspect that he is correct about being exposed and destroyed by Obama's thugland politics. When they want you out, they out you. Teddy Kennedy made it for 40 years after what he did. Guess no one wanted his hide. Reid and Pelosi are as dirty as the day is long. Guess no one wanted them out either. I think there is some validity to Massa's story. Who do you think is behind Paterson getting whacked ? I would guess the Obama admin. They just get someone else to do the dirty work.

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