Written December 15, 2010     

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# 1. 12/15/10 12:45 AM by jerry - geneseo
hey Bob, sounds to me from what you said on the radio today you may have caused another crash in your haste to stop and help. You got rear ended and spun around, how did that happen? Good thing you didn't fly off the road and hit another pedestrian. After getting turned around and parking you chose to stand next to a man that was just struck by an out of control car that flew off the road. Now the wife shows up, so we have at least three people, you, the wife and son standing there. Hmmm if one car can go out of control there I would think it could happen again. In this instance if you hadn't stopped you wouldn't have been involved in your own accident, the wife didn't need to be there, the son with a cell phone calling for help would have been the way to go. Only one more victim if another driver decides to fly off the road. Let the deputies and troopers do what they get paid to do, your presence there today was a bad move.

Editor's Note: i'll remember that when it's you on the side of the road

# 2. 12/15/10 1:29 AM by charlie - Lima
Dear BOB,

Thanks for the re-run of what I listened to you say all morning on the radio. AND I really do think I get what your saying here and all. It's all well and nice BUT Every year we go through this... NEWS FLASH--It snows in the greater Rochester area. We get snow. We get ice. Thus, there are icy and snowy roads anytime from October until let's say April. If people really want to help out the emergency workers slow the hell down. If you need to do 15mph or slower, then do it. I personally drove at least 100 miles today all over the area, in inclement weather conditions without once sliding off the road. AND here is another tip for the brain surgeons out there. It's been said over and over and over. If you do slide off the road stay the hell in your car. We all pretty much have cell phones unless you live in a shoe box. If you want to help then call 911 and report the car off the road. This is not the first rodeo here in rochester, NY. AND People have been run over on 390 before due this problem. Bottom line is some people will never get it. If you went off the road it's because 99.9% of the time you were going too fast for conditions. These are completely preventable accidents. AND I have no issues with somebody stopping if it's a life or death situation. BUT stopping on a main highway for no other reason. AND every time one of these rocket scientists goes off the road they put police/fire/amb workers in harms way. Most of us know the deal as we have lived and driven here for many years. Let us all use some common sense for a change. WE live in the greater Rochester area. IT is icy at times. It snows. SLOW DOWN.

Editor's Note: may there never be black ice in your path, and may your ignorant arrogance never come back to haunt you

# 3. 12/15/10 2:48 AM by Cameron L. De Vries - Shanghai, China
thumbsup.gif Though words ofttimes seem inadequate to many situations and purposes, I believe you have clearly and appropriately done your part to help answer her prayer.

# 4. 12/15/10 2:54 AM by Eli - Clarendon, NY
Mr. Parfitt and his family will be in our prayers.

Mrs. Parfitt, your faith is an inspiration. May God continue to bless you.

And may God bless those EMS personnel that responded to this call and EMS folks around the nation.

Bob, this is, I believe, the most moving article you have ever written. Thank you.

# 5. 12/15/10 4:28 AM
My prayers go out to him and his family. Looks like his wife knows what "letting go" means. Again, thank you for being a Good Samaritan and thanks to all the giving and dedicated first responders. And God bless all of you and your families.

# 6. 12/15/10 5:01 AM by mary ann patarino - rochester
thumbsup.gif thank you Bob, for taking such care with one of our Harris family members.

# 7. 12/15/10 5:36 AM by Susan Pollock - Layton, Utahs
thumbsup.gif I would like to think I am prepared but as most people I am probably not.

# 8. 12/15/10 5:58 AM by A Patriot - Lockport, NY
You think your life is crazy and out of control. Then you read this and realize your problems really are small. God bless this family.

# 9. 12/15/10 6:08 AM
I'm praying for ken and i hope he makes it. Sobering. When i go, i hope its with a bible in my hand and tracts in my pocket, helping someone by the side of the road.

# 10. 12/15/10 6:13 AM by Kevin
thumbsup.gif You're a good man Mr. Lonsberry. I pray this man recovers.

# 11. 12/15/10 6:30 AM
From WHAM news:

Avon, N.Y. - A Geneseo man in serious condition tonight after being struck by a car on 390. Livingston County Sheriffs say Kenneth Parfitt of Geneseo was checking on the victims of a two-car accident on exit 10 of 390 when he was struck by another out-of-control car. Parfitt sustained serious injuries and was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital.

# 12. 12/15/10 6:37 AM by Richard Scudder - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif What a wonderful commentary on the power of God. It shows how God uses men to accomplish His purposes on earth through his Holy Spirit. This testimony should lead others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, but sadly, most will ignore that call and will continue on a path to an eternity in Hell. Our choices in this life determine our eternal destiny. And the choice to accept Jesus Christ as our savior and Lord is the most important one we can make. To do nothing about this is the same as rejecting the only way to salvation. Reader, what choice will you make?

# 13. 12/15/10 6:38 AM - New York State
Yesterday you, Bob, were that family's angel!

Editor's Note: no. the angels were the nurse and the rescuers. i think i was just there to tell people about the faith and goodness of others.

# 14. 12/15/10 6:41 AM by Poplar Beach
Bob, as a non believer I may sound like a hypocrite, but I said a prayer (my kind of prayer, a just in case prayer) for that man, for that family.

People who live their faith, people who are kind, hard working, wonderful close family folk, I admire them much.

I live in Mennonite country, Amish country, there are more new churches in my county than anywhere I know.

These folks are farmers, carpenters, craftsman, store keepers, their decision to move here years ago has enriched this area.

I know many of them, they wouldn't care what your faith is, if you asked for help, they would be there.

I don't believe as they do, not even close, but what wonderful neighbors, they make the world a better place.

# 15. 12/15/10 6:50 AM by Laurie - Livonia NY
thumbsup.gif Good Morning Bob,

My husband and I would like to thank you for your assistance yesterday with our brother Ken. Your help and words of witness are an encouragement to us all.

Steve & Laurie Parfitt

# 16. 12/15/10 7:02 AM by Karen
thumbsup.gif What a powerful story, in so many ways. I felt like I was right there with you, watching this happen. Thank you for making us all think...What would I do? Would I have true faith as the wife did? Am I ready, if it were to happen to me today?

# 17. 12/15/10 7:19 AM by aj from Walworth
Her prayer will be answered when YOU, Bob, come back to the Jesus of the Bible that man carried, not the false Jesus of the LDS.

I am praying that prayer every day.

And oh, yes, as a Christian, I have no fear of death. I KNOW that when I die, I will be with God the Father. Can you be sure of that, Bob??

# 18. 12/15/10 7:34 AM by Roger - Fairport
thumbsup.gif Bob - Tragic as this accident was, there are many good Christian teaching moments for all of us. Thank you for sharing what was certainly a difficult situation to be in.

# 19. 12/15/10 7:51 AM by Doug
thumbsup.gif Thank GOD there are people like yourself that were there to help this man and his family. By helping them you help us all be better people, and show us all we have more important things in our life than the little things we worry about most of the time. My family will be praying for Ken and his family and yours.

Merry Christmas Bob, this article shows the real meaning of the day.

# 20. 12/15/10 7:53 AM by ray - livonia, ny
what else can be said? Your descriptive words placed me at the scene. I am thankful you were not "politically correct" as you included this families faith as being the most important part of the story. We will be praying for God's will as well.

# 21. 12/15/10 8:05 AM by lucky wife - Mount Morris, N.Y.
Good morning Bob,

I also prayed that Gods will be done. If it turns out he dies, God will get a really great edition to heaven. If this man lives we get an angel here on earth with us.

# 22. 12/15/10 8:05 AM by Mike
I now see why you recounted the story, to help do your part to answer her prayer.

I cried when you told the story on the radio yesterday, and I cried this morning reading it online.

I hope and pray this father makes it out alive. It's great he was willing to help and I hope he's rewarded by being able to return to his family.

# 23. 12/15/10 8:22 AM by Elizabeth - Rochester, NY
There were blessings in this tragedy and God was there. What a beautiful, impacting experience. However, you must ask yourself if you are exploiting this family for your gain. That is what you do, you use people. I still think God is in the mix even though you used and sullied the purity of the holiness. God is that way.

# 24. 12/15/10 8:24 AM by Mark
thumbsup.gif And if the idiots would slow down on these bad weather days, there would be less accidents. I don't care if you have 4 wheel drive, you have the same breaking ability as the rest of us. Slow down. Arive Alive!

# 25. 12/15/10 8:24 AM by Cindy - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif I spoke to my daughter this morning. She and her husband are good friends with Ken and his family. Ken went home to be with God in Glory this morning. From Revelation 21:4-5 (4) He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. (5) And He that sat upon the throne said "behold, I make all things new". God be with Ken's Family.

# 26. 12/15/10 8:37 AM by Carl - Williamson
thumbsup.gif Bob, Thanks for being there. I wish him and his family well. God's speed for a quick recovery.

# 27. 12/15/10 8:38 AM by Jolene
Just heard from friends that Ken Parfitt passed away. In 24 hours a man in service of someone elses' bad situation has resulted in his life taken away. Oh my gosh! God bless and be with you Bob, and to his family. I'm trying to sort this out in my head and it's troubling. I am praying for the pain that must be in your heart today.

# 28. 12/15/10 8:39 AM by Christopher - Newport News, VA
Very moving Bob. I am praying for Ken and his family. Thank you for stopping to assist.

# 29. 12/15/10 8:44 AM by Ashley - Elba, NY
thumbsup.gif Very well-written. Your account of this story means so much. Ken was a beloved friend of mine and our church. He will be missed dearly. Thanks for the help you provided...now he is with the angels in heaven, but it seems he met with several angels down here first. All night long over 30 people sang and comforted the family as Ken went back and forth....but he passed this morning at 7:20. Thank you for your kind words towards this dear man and family.

# 30. 12/15/10 8:46 AM
Why don't you do a separate column for christians and use this site for politics?

# 31. 12/15/10 8:50 AM by alexander - upstate ny usa
I hope Ken is on his way to recovery and his family too. sounds like he has great support surrounding him.

not for nothing though, I did stop for a dog wandering down the street and called the owner Sunday. forgot to pray though. wait, the dogs name was Angel. weird.

finally, how inspiring was that old lady that tried to take out the florida shooter with her purse? unfortunately, a purse full of klennex up against his skull didn't deter him.

thankfully she was unharmed.

# 32. 12/15/10 9:12 AM by Al - Rochester
I am one of this man's co-workers. We received word that he passed away earlier this morning, December 15th 2010. He will be missed by all of us.

# 33. 12/15/10 9:17 AM by ADK Hiker
Humbling column, Bob.

May this family and all who have been impacted by this tragedy find strength and comfort in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

# 34. 12/15/10 9:17 AM by Dave B - Fairport, NY
You did a good thing yesterday, Bob. You very well may have helped to save a life, and a family. I know you play it down, but you're every bit as much of a hero as those professionals that responded. I just took 1st Aid and CPR classes, and the first thing they tell you is that in such a situation, your heart will be going a million miles an hour. Your EMT training obviously paid off as it sounds like you stayed calm, assessed the situation, and did everything in your ability. You should be proud.

Our thoughts are with this man and we all hope for his complete recovery. Based on descriptions, it sounds like he is the kind of neighbor we want to keep around for a long time.

# 35. 12/15/10 9:23 AM by robin - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Ken passed away this morning at 7:20...I work with Ken, and can call him my friend...he was ann is a beautiful man, and there was no one here at Harris that did not have Ken in their heart for some reason or another. And they do now. I am so sad for Ken's family and friends, and for us at Harris...we have lost a very good, humble and god fearing man, and I am sure the Lord has welcomed him with open arms this morning.

# 36. 12/15/10 9:24 AM by Lorren (Lolly) Beikirch - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Tears and praying..<3

# 37. 12/15/10 9:24 AM by D'Ann Klaver - Holley, NY
thumbsup.gif Thank you, for your part in reporting this and being there for Doug and Ken and Jamie (his wife) Thank you. A friend of the family.

# 38. 12/15/10 9:25 AM by James Lyman - Panama City, Fl
I knew this man, though not extremely well. He was a Godly man with a Godly family. We would see him in Buffalo evangelizing with his family at the rock concerts. We will pray for his family.

# 39. 12/15/10 9:26 AM by Mike Premo - Pittsford
thumbsup.gif Thank you for communicating this in your blog. I'm sending it along to other Harris coworkers so that they can see/understand this event and especially Ken's life.

I heard that he passed away sometime this morning...

# 40. 12/15/10 9:27 AM by Melissa - Rochester, NY
Praying for this family and those who where there with this family! What a wonderful yet tough time of the year!!! But - Through it all God is Good!

# 41. 12/15/10 9:32 AM by Mrs.J - SLC, Utah
Sad story. He died trying to help someone. I was disappointed in Ed Smart this morning when his response to Richard Ricci being held as a suspect in his daughters kidnapping who died in prison of a brain aneurysm most due to the stress of intense interragation said he did not know why he should apologize. He's an idiot. I think he's just scum and so is his wife. He's a liar and knows damn well that Richard Ricci who worked on his home in the past did not fit the description but because he was an ex-con, the dumb police Captain in charge went after Ricci. I along with many others knew exactly what was going on. Instead of going after the real kidnapper, they just went after Ricci because he was an ex-con with no evidence. This is why Rocky Anderson scolded the ineffective defensive Police Chief Bell, I believe his name was and Ed Smart said nothing. Why would the Smarts pick up people off the street to let them work on their billion dollar home? To help the poor? Pleeese. His wife would pick up guys in the homeless section and bring them home. What husband would allow that? Something sleazy about that family and Ed Smart is sickening to me now more than ever.

# 42. 12/15/10 9:43 AM
thumbsup.gif Bob, I don’t know if you heard but he passed away this morning around 7:30. I went to the same church as him and his family for about 6 years. My heart weeps for this gentle family’s horrific loss. Thank you for recounting so eloquently what you witnessed yesterday morning, and may God comfort this grieving family.

# 43. 12/15/10 9:43 AM by Linda Jamalkowski - Attica, NY
thumbsup.gif I've worked with Ken for a number of years at Harris and he was such a beautiful, kind, gentle man. This earth will miss him, but I'm happy he's with God now. So many people will have his family in their prayers. Thank you for your wonderful words, even though they made me cry.

# 44. 12/15/10 9:51 AM by Hélène - NYS
I think you have recounted and passed on this sacred story quite well. Thank you for doing so. In spite of Ken's death this morning we stand today and sing Praise to Jesus, "Who doeth all things well" \0/.

# 45. 12/15/10 9:55 AM by John - Rochester NY
Bob -- well written as always. What a testament to the strength of that family and to the responses of the emergency personnel. And another example of how a life can change in an instant. I'll be pulling for the man and his family.

# 46. 12/15/10 9:56 AM by Catherine Hinds - Guatemala City C.A.
thumbsup.gif What a wonderful demonstration of Christ likness and the true love of God. Thank you so much for communicating this so graciously by the grace and for the glory of God. This has touched the hearts of many including my own.

# 47. 12/15/10 9:58 AM by Doug - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob, thanks for being there and reporting the real message in my friend's tragic accident.

# 48. 12/15/10 9:59 AM by Bill - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob - I'm sorry to say that the the man you helped yesterday, a co-worker, has died this morning.

# 49. 12/15/10 10:02 AM by Big CD - Ogden, Ut.
thumbsup.gif Not much left to say Bob. You said it beautifully. You have a gift Bob. May God bless this man and his family. Stories like this play out a thousand times a day all over the world, good people doing good works. Thanks Bob, keep it up.

# 50. 12/15/10 10:05 AM by Lori Bly - Rochester, NY
Dear Bob: I am sitting at my desk crying as I read this. What a beautiful tribute to a Godly man. In a day and age when so many are afraid to share their faith, this man was not...and even while unconscious and severely injured, he was doing just that. May someone's heart have been touched through this tragedy. God's Blessings to you and the others for acting so unselfishly to assist him. This man, his family and all of you will be in my prayers. God Bless.

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