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# 1. 3/25/17 7:39 AM
Rexall - another disappearing great American legend.

# 2. 3/25/17 7:53 AM by chris - groveland, ny
thumbsup.gif Nice story. BTW, the digital clock on my brand new dodge pick-up loses about 2 minutes per week. . . . doesn't even make sense. I see some lonsberry's in the woodlawn cemetery, guessing that's where you were working. (my job now)

# 3. 3/25/17 9:09 AM by Shelly - Canisteo, NY
thumbsup.gif I remember that cool watch. There are probably a few nice shots of it in the yearbook. Love Timex Ironman for running. Sadly the watch straps are less resilient. For running, I have gone to the accuracy extreme and use a Garmin. Apologies to Sting... Every step you take... every breath you make ..it is tracking you!

Keep running. Shelly

# 4. 3/25/17 9:48 AM by kittynana - Lewiston NY
thumbsup.gif Well, you had me reminiscing until you said you threw away the packaging. Then I cringed. whatever happened to recycling??

# 5. 3/25/17 9:51 AM by Sally Mehlenbacher - North Hornell,NY
thumbsup.gif Loved it. Brought back so many memories. Oh how I miss the good ol' days

# 6. 3/25/17 9:56 AM by Sean
I laughed that you used to set your watch ahead. My mom always did that with the clocks in our house, and I never understood it. I mean, you KNOW it's 10 minutes fast, right? But still, walking east in our house was like traveling east across the country. The clocks in the rooms kept jumping forward.

# 7. 3/25/17 10:02 AM by Jeanette Tahou - Huron NY
thumbsup.gif Great story Bob. Your describe it so vividly, it is like peering through a looking glass of days gone by..

# 8. 3/25/17 10:27 AM by Bill Consler - Charlotte, NC
thumbsup.gif You're a great writer Bob. I went back in time to my childhood with your column today. Thank you.

Bill Consler

# 9. 3/25/17 10:42 AM by Beth Moore - Canisteo, NY
thumbsup.gif I live in Canisteo, I shop in Canisteo & Beaver's Pharmacy is my "all time favorite store". When I walk through the door at Beavers it's like "coming home", one of the long-time clerks calls me by name, enquires about my dog, listens to me "rave"about my latest Willie Nelson adventure. I guess the best way to describe Beaver's is to say it's like going home again. Of course, Tim Steffy is usually there too. Tim has a title, but I'm not sure what it is, he's just "my old friend Tim that's been working at Beaver's since he was a kid. Things are changing on Main Street in Canisteo, but some things remain the same like the mad-rush for the "penny candy" counter at the end of every school day. Beaver's....you're going to love them.

# 10. 3/25/17 11:29 AM by Ron Dailey - Penn Yan
thumbsup.gif Great story Bob! Classic as always!

# 11. 3/25/17 12:45 PM by Wayne D - Woods Cross
thumbsup.gif I love watches even though I don't care what the exact time is. Always had a Timex of some sort. The last 10 years has been an Ironman 50 lap. I don't run anymore but I like the large numbers so I can read it at night without my glasses. The plastic band usually breaks before the battery dies so I just get a new one. Gone though at least 3 in 10 years. My dress watch is a Seiko that uses some kind of satellite signal to set it and solar light to power it, pretty cool. My grandkids can't read a clock, all they know is digital. Sad, they don't know what missing in life.

# 12. 3/25/17 2:20 PM by Larry Murray - Washington, Utah
thumbsup.gif Thank you for your column. We follow the same thinking most of the time. This one brings great memories. Keep them coming!


# 13. 3/25/17 3:04 PM by pjw - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif I smiled, I laughed and I got a little choked up!

Memories sure are special and as we get older it is so important to share and talk about them as we look back on life.

Thanks Bob for taking the time to write about the times of your life! It made me pause and reflect and I love and appreciate that.

# 14. 3/25/17 3:35 PM by Irene (Bliss) Osborn - Hornell, NY
thumbsup.gif I, too, bought my first watch--a Timex--at Beaver's and bought a couple more there, I'm sure. Bands also. Beaver's was a part of so many of our childhoods. And the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the family have made trips there for little brown bags of penny (now two or three)cent candy part of coming to visit. Canisteo was a place so many of us wanted to run from for something bigger, better, brighter. But so many of us return to the simplicity, honesty, and calmness that it gives to us. My daughter followed in my footsteps and graduated from there and has moved on to Brockport where so many more exciting things happen and more opportunities exist. The town holds so much and sometimes too little. We each draw our own memories from there and take some part of it with us daily. But I think the morals, responsibilities, and respect for life, have served many of us well as we share ourselves with places beyond here of if we stay here. Hope you remember me. Irene (Do you remember asking me to go on a picnic with you and Barry and Cindy that one summer?)

Editor's Note: rather fondly, actually.

# 15. 3/25/17 5:29 PM by Kim Thomas Gardner - Hornell, New York
thumbsup.gif Bob, I always enjoy reading your writings. This one really brought back some beautiful memories. Thank you. Kim

# 16. 3/25/17 7:12 PM by Michele - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif I loved that piece. Excellent. Thank you.

# 17. 3/26/17 11:56 AM
"I've found a new place that is an old place". I'm middle aged and feeling the pressures of time as well. Lately I've been making choices. Leaving my phone at home of unattended for longer periods of time, reading a classic novel rather than checking FB. I'm training for my first 5k and was overwhelmed with high tech advice. I'm declining all the well meaning guidance. I don't need a special app or to measure my vital signs every so often, and I certainly don't need special clothing. Folks ran 50 years ago just fine. I've stopped moving so fast. I'm much happier. Good luck to you.

Editor's Note: amen. i find that to go running, you need some sneakers, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. cotton is fine. though, compression shorts do cut back on middle-aged chafe, and after you run a while you might well be intrigued by the data you can mine from "map my run."

# 18. 3/26/17 1:03 PM by jodi - wayne county east
Brings back fond memories of laying on the living room floor with my cousin scouring over the three inch thick Sears and JC Penney catalogs drooling over the air rifles and women's lingerie.

# 19. 3/29/17 8:57 AM by Brenda - Castile, NY
thumbsup.gif Loved this article! Bob is a terrific writer - the "longed for" watchband might be found at Amazon.com - I've seen them on there.

Editor's Note: thank you, ma'am.

# 20. 3/29/17 5:39 PM by Kurt - Ogden, UT
thumbsup.gif Thanks for the beautifully nostalgic piece, Bob. It set me to reminiscing. I grew up in CT, not far from Middlebury, where the Timex HQ is, and my first several watches were Timex, too. I hope you don't get called home anytime soon - I'd like you to stay around and write some more. I'd like to meet you, someday - I think we're kindred spirits. -KS

# 21. 4/6/17 3:52 PM by d - Ny
thumbsup.gif Please quit your day job and spend your time on this. Thank you for your consideration:)

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