Written March 29, 2017     

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# 1. 3/29/17 8:48 AM by Annmarie - Rochester
thumbsdown.gif Since when does the candidate need to be assured of a win before they run? Don't we Iive in a democracy? Rachel Barnhart is an honest, thoughtful, and knowledgable candidate for mayor. Aren't these the people we should be encouraging to run for office instead of telling them their effort is dead in March? The more views represented in any political campaign is a clear indicator of the political climate. Your view of a proper campaign is a shoot out between two highly partisan candidates. There is nothing wrong with a candidate who can reconcile the divisions in our community. Rachal Barnhart is that candidate.

# 2. 3/29/17 8:57 AM by Matt - Rochester, NY
thumbsdown.gif This is disgusting. It is beyond disingenuous to tell a candidate to abandon a campaign after endorsing her opponent from the first day.

If she, as mayor or as a city councilor, would not represent you - a non-resident of the city of Rochester - perhaps you should stay out of the discussion, rather than support the opportunist Democrat that is James Sheppard and his platform of punching people and maybe coming up with a plan to govern in the future.

A man that led a campaign (and launched a brand) against a black President cannot suddenly pretend that he cares about racial representation. This is an attempt to sway voters away from the only candidate who has actually presented any idea for this city (the one Bob doesn't live in) and toward the law-and-order tough guy eyed by Bill Reilich.

# 3. 3/29/17 10:36 AM by Len
Thank you Bob for calling Rachel out for what she is.

# 4. 3/29/17 10:52 AM by JP - Rochester ny
thumbsup.gif A rookie City Councilwoman gets paid a tad over $20,000. The Mayor makes about $135,000. Ms. Barnhart is unemployed. Next question.

Editor's Note: thumbs up

# 5. 3/29/17 12:34 PM by Some Guy
Per hour "worked", city council is a more lucrative gig than mayor, and Barnhart would fit in well with the other crypto-commies presently on he council...

But I think she got sold on some notion of moral and intellectual superiority by Bill Nojay over the past few years, for whatever reason couldn't help but insert himself into places he just didn't belong.

(it's not city politics per se that was his problem, it's the fact that he had his fingers in so many pies literally all over the map, and most were totally at odds with each other in that he was destined to be conflicted...i.e. having a decades-long history of agitating for meddling in the foreign affairs of other nations while portraying himself as a Trump supporter just doesn't mesh, and the people at Trump Tower kept him at arm's length for a reason)

# 6. 3/29/17 1:10 PM by Jasper - Penn Yan, NY
thumbsdown.gif It's not surprising, but it is troubling, that as soon as an "objective journalist" enters politics we find out she's a "progressive." It says a lot about how and why we get the media coverage we do about politics.

# 7. 3/29/17 1:21 PM
I'm not sure I trust the opinion of somebody who backed Trump.

# 8. 3/30/17 9:24 AM
The sun is out and I thought all the snowflakes in Rochester had melted. Stupid me! It is still March! At least one more blizzard (nor'easter)to go! It is truly amazing that some snowflakes will take valuable crying and pouting and PlayDoh time out of their daily routines to comment on your columns, Bob!

# 9. 3/31/17 7:11 AM
The sooner this is over the better than she can go away for ever!!!!!!!!!

# 10. 4/1/17 5:07 PM
thumbsdown.gif Why do you keep trying to foist Rachel on the taxpayers? Don't we have enough politicians with their hands digging around in our pockets already?

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