Written October 27, 2016     

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Over the p-word.

In a century or two, as they dissect the fall of the United States, as they try to figure out how a nation so vital and strong, so blessed with natural resources and superior heritage, could collapse in upon itself so quickly, it will come down to the p-word.

An old man trying to impress a young man with his social desirability, in a private conversation on a bus, used the p-word.

The staggering revelation that men are attracted to women.

And from that tiny fulcrum, a nation was toppled.

Or so it seems is possible, as America stands not at a fork in the road, but at a T intersection, where the only options are that way and this way. Where the choices are stark and disparate.

And where one road leads to hell.

In America, we are spoiled by 70 years of world power and unmatched prosperity. It has been a long time since we have gone hungry, or had foreign attacks upon our soil or seas. We are two generations into a world apart from history, in which the vexations and conflict of humankind have largely played out on our televisions, but not in our lives.

And it has bred a spirit of expectation and entitlement. We believe we are guaranteed what we have, that the largest issues we will ever face will be those of our dignity and deserts. We march and protest, believing that our ire is a motivating force in the world.

But history is not forgot, and human nature is not changed.

And there are threats all around just now.

A Russian fleet sails through the English channel, while Russian tanks rest in Ukraine and Russian cyber attacks brutalize our politics and our servers.

The failed foreign policy of the Obama-Clinton administration has emboldened and loosed the Russian bear.

In the Pacific, China is militarizing for its own control one of the most important shipping lanes in the world. China is likewise pillaging our intellectual property, raping world markets and our prosperity, and propagandizing its people against us, while the Obama-Clinton administration is alienating our oldest and strategically most imporant ally in the theater -- the Philippines.

Our southern border isn't a border, and hundreds of thousands throng across it. Fully 7% of all the children born in the United States are born to parents in this country illegally, and who thereby gain legal foothold in America, and access to our welfare system. A greater percentage of American households speak a language other than English than at any time in our history, and the immigration policies of the Obama-Clinton administration have dramatically skewed away from whites and Christians, in a demographic and cultural flush of the nation.

Ellis Island has turned into an invasion.

In the name of diversity, we are embracing disunion. We have abandoned the melting pot, and we are inviting hostile colonization of people who have no intent or aptitude for assimilation. They come to America, but not to be American.

And that frays us. No society can remain intact if it does not have a culture, and it seems that one of our parties and one of our candidates is at war against our national culture. Patriotism is mocked, America is vilified, nationalism is denounced.

And the races are pitted against one another, with hostility against whites and American history a constant theme of the Obama-Clinton confederation. You cannot tell people their society is inherently racist without inciting their anger against that society and those you claim have created its systemic racism.

Weakness without, conflict within.

The current leadership has invited aggression from our foreign rivals and incited conflict with our domestic neighbors. Americans are turned against one another and the world is turned against America.

And that is how nations fall. Even great nations.

And we are going to continue down this road, we are going to double down on this destruction.

Because some guy said the p-word.

And that's what we've decided matters.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2016

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