Written October 19, 2005     

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Ironically, they were the only fatalities.

As Texas recoiled in fear from the approach of Hurricane Rita, the only lives lost were 23 nursing-home patients horrifically killed in a charter-bus fire.

We saw the charred wreckage on TV. There was very little left of the passenger compartment and the photographs showed a broad sweep of firefighting foam and blue tarps on the seats where the elderly people had passed away.

It was terrible.

And we’re just now beginning to learn what was behind it.

Like the difficulty with the tire and the brake, and the odd ownership and operation of the bus. Owned by a company in Canada, the bus had been leased to one company which leased it to another company which registered it in Oklahoma yet put it on the road with illegal Texas plates.

And then there was the curious manner in which the company operating the bus came to be carrying the nursing-home patients. The nursing-home administrators in Texas contacted a transportation coordinating company in Chicago which sent the Oklahoma company with the sub-leased bus to Texas.

But, as odd as all that sounds, that’s not the worst part.

The worst part was the driver.

Juan Robles Gutierrez.

Described by his wife as a hero in the wake of the tragedy, she said that he repeatedly put himself in great physical peril attempting to save the passengers. She got pretty worked up recounting his daring do.

Of course, it was all nonsense.

That’s why they just charged him with 23 counts of criminally negligent homicide. A big factor in that was what every survivor of the bus and every witness to the fire said. And that was that bus driver Juan Robles Gutierrez did absolutely nothing to help anybody but himself.

As the steward of the vehicle and its passengers, he abandoned both at the first sign of trouble. As the oxygen-stoked flames burned 23 senior citizens alive.

But even that’s not the worst part.

The worst part about Juan Robles Gutierrez was that he’s an illegal alien.

Without a drivers license.

One of those vermin invading our country. The ones the government is ignoring and the politically correct pastors are insisting we welcome like long-lost brothers. The ones who are trying to steal our country and most typically start in the welfare line.

The ones whose first act on American soil is a felony crime – illegal entry – and whose impact on this country, its prosperity and its culture is absolutely poisonous.

Juan Robles Gutierrez came to America in January. He literally waded across the Rio Grande.

That’s when he began driving a charter bus. His only drivers license was Mexican and though NAFTA says we have to honor them, it also says that after 30 days of illegal status in another country it is no longer valid.

So somehow Juan Robles Gutierrez was hired to drive Americans in a big bus when he was both unlicensed and in this country illegally. And in the seven months leading up to the Hurricane Rita evacuation – virtually his entire time in the United States – he was pulled over three times while driving a bus.

Which takes some doing.

Usually, buses seem to get a free pass. They thunder down the road and are left to go on their merry way.

But apparently this guy went too far.

Because he was pulled over three times – typically for speeding – and received 11 separate traffic tickets.

While driving without a license and while in this country illegally.

With a bus full of people.

And yet, tickets in hand, he drove off, and continued in the employ of the bus company.

That’s the worst part.

This creep was hired by an American company which clearly did not adequately screen either his citizenship or his licensing. He was pulled over by the police three times and likewise his illegal status and lack of a license were never caught or cared about.

And that left him, eight months out of the Rio Grande, behind the wheel, large and in charge when the tire went and the brakes acted up and the friction caused a fire and the oxygen tanks began to go.

And the feeble old people in the back were helpless to escape. And he ran like a coward.

While they burned alive.

Juan Robles Gutierrez.

Illegal alien. The face of America’s future.

These people are not leaving a failed culture and society, they are bringing it with them. They come not to build the American dream, but to steal it.

And our government does nothing.

We are losing the war to defend our homeland and culture, and these 23 elderly people are the latest casualties.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2005

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