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I'd like to apologize to the Border Patrol.

Earlier this week -- in Irondequoit, New York -- about 25 people lined up outside the Border Patrol office and held a protest. Angry, bitter people. Anti-American people. They were protesting the capture, detention and deportation of illegal aliens in Western New York.

Of course, they were protesting at the wrong place. The Border Patrol doesn't get involved with illegals inside New York. That's the duty of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement people.

But that didn't matter to the protesters. Anyplace with an American flag flying out front is fair game to them. So there they stood, embarrassing themselves, condemning our country, putting on a show for the reporters.

Like freaks on parade.

And that's what they are -- freaks. They are a tiny fringe of idiot malcontents who no more represent the thinking of most Americans than does the man in the moon. And it's a shame the newspaper and television stations gave them so much free publicity. It's a shame this distorted and false face of public sentiment was trumpeted so loudly.

So here's the truth.

The truth is that most people in upstate New York -- like most people in America -- would like to give the Border Patrol a standing ovation. Most Americans know that the Border Patrol is the literal front line in America's defense. They guard the line between "us" and "them." They stand alone and undermanned protecting everything that is good and precious about this country. They do it often at risk of their own life and limb. They are sometimes under fire, often under appreciated and clearly under paid. Those who would turn this country upside down by calling evil good and good evil attack the Border Patrol. They do that because the Border Patrol -- and America's instincts to protect its international frontiers -- are signs of America standing up for America.

The Rochester area is honored to have the Border Patrol in its midst.

Just as it is grateful to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who have gathered and deported illegal aliens. Those arrested thus far have largely been illegals who were specifically targeted for breaking the law. There have been no round-ups or raids, no surprise visits to farms or factories demanding to see papers. Which is too bad. Because that's what people want, even though the politically correct few would not tolerate it.

Instead, the ICE agents have gone after the most egregious of violators. It is those illegals -- the criminals and repeat offenders -- who the Irondequoit protesters want turned loose. One of the protesters was pictured in the paper, glowering and holding a sign that read: "Amnistia -- Si. Migra -- No." Roughly translated that supports amnesty for the people who break into our country and curses for the loyal Americans who protect us from border jumpers.

And that's a bunch of crap.

No amnesty for anybody. If you came here illegally, you can go back where you came from and do it legally. Either that or we take you and send you back and never let you return. Period. It's not a hard or confusing standard. In fact, it is the standard of the countries from which most of the illegals come.

And it's what America needs to do. Illegal immigration is not a political game to be played for votes and contributions. It is not a joke. It is a matter of national security, prosperity and -- eventually -- survival. There is an invasion going on, a tidal wave of illegal infiltrators that must be stopped. The angry signs and shouts of protesters do not reflect public sentiment. Rather, they enflame public sentiment. They serve to awaken the sleeping giant of national self-preservation. They serve to alert regular people to the significance of the illegal immigraton problem.

And they are an occasion to thank the agents who these protesters spit on.

So let me set the record straight. Rochester loves the Border Patrol and the agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Rochester recognizes that those people are heroes and that their work is difficult, dangerous and important. Rochester knows who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Rochester knows who is attacking it and who is defending it.

And Rochester says thank you.

To the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

To the protesters, Rochester has a different message.

Go to hell.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2006

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