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Should this sex-change teacher be allowed to stay at Batavia High School?

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It isn't brave, it's selfish.

I'm talking about the he-she who wants to teach science in school. In Batavia, New York, tonight, there is a special meeting at the high school in which parents will be told why it's a good thing last year's mister has become this year's miss.

Apparently an unnamed male science teacher told the admnistration last spring that he wanted to start living his life as a female and would report for the new school year dressed, groomed and identifying himself as a woman. This didn't seem to bother the administration, and the superintendent set out to educate the community on why lobbing off your tallywhacker is a perfectly normal and natural thing.

So a letter came in the mail last week, notifying parents of tonight's meeting. They've scheduled a lawyer and a doctor and other such brow-beaters. The purpose is not to sample public opinion on the propriety of having a she-male teach school, but to sensitize the community to the culture of transgenderism.


On the first day of school, there will be similar brainwashing for the students. They will be broken into groups and taught sensitivity and respect, they will learn all about transgenderism.

Well, not all about transgenderism.

They won't be taught the part about it being a disgusting perversion and being contrary to the teachings of every great religion and culture. They won't be taught the part about how screwed up in the head a guy must be to want to swap his privates for a set of falsies. In short, they will be taught everything but the truth.

And the gutterization of American society will move even faster as we step one rung deeper into the cesspool of moral depravity. In this country, we don't denounce deviancy, we teach it, at taxpayer expense. We demand it be respected and we attack those who challenge it.

See, the issue in Batavia is being depicted by the administration and media as a chance to show how enlightened the community is. They're about to give this he-she Martin Luther King status and start calling this the equivalent of the march on Selma.

When it is nothing of the sort. This is an example of a confused and useless administration being manipulated by a selfish and grandstanding pervert.

And it's an example of them both forgetting what schools are really about -- students. On some planets, the best interests of the students are the prime consideration of both teachers and administrators. In this instance that is patently not the case.

Rather, the attention-seeking of the guy who wants to change teams, and his instance that his needs be accommodated above the interests of an entire community, have been put above what is best for the students.

The issue is not even so much the sex change, it is the insistance that thousands of students, parents and taxpayers kiss the feet of the she-male.

Here's how I mean. In a free country, you can do stupid things. Including having the doctor drill you your own personal Lincoln Tunnel. That's personal and it's a choice and it's your choice. And if that's all this he-she was interested in, he-she-it would have left Batavia last June as Mr. So-and-So and turned up this September at some other far distant school as Miss So-and-So. Gender and sexuality would have been left out of it and he-she just could have taught, without disrupting or crusading. If you just want to live your life and you don't want to stick your thumb in everyone else's eye, you go through this in a way that keeps it private.

But that's not what happened here.

This entire episode seems to turn on the issue of rubbing Batavia's face in this guy's sick choice. And I guarantee you that -- to the overwhelming majority of people and to God in heaven -- this is a sick choice. This seems to have been done with an eye toward getting as much publicity as possible and toward using the politically correct spinelessness of the superintendent to turn the first day of school into a sales pitch for the light-in-the-loafer crowd.

Which is a direct assault on the values of the community and the role of the school.

People send their children to school to learn about math and science and history and english, not to wonder whether the teacher is headed toward the men's room or the ladies' room. Sitting in a classroom and being taught that this kind of insanity is normal is an affront to common morality. And the daily reminder of having the he-she up before a class, further normalizing the heresy, is just plain nuts.

People are free in their private lives to do what they will.

But Batavia High School is not somebody's private life. It is a public setting, it is an arena set apart for children, it is taxpayer funded.

And this sort of nonsense doesn't belong there. It is simply wrong to soak minors in the sewage of this behavior. The teacher may have a right to get gelded, but the parents of Batavia have a right to protect their children from conduct which clearly violates community standards and which is generally considered loathesome.

And the school administration should have realized that. The superintendent should have steered this teacher to a different district. The superintendent should have put the children first, ahead of the pervert. The superintendent should have found a way to keep tonight's meeting from happening, and to keep the first day of school from being turned into Drag Queen Day.

But he failed.

And the school board has been silent.

And one guy who can't even decide if he's a man or a woman seems to be setting the agenda.

And the gay, lesbian, transgender, transexual, bisexual, trisexual, bestial, necrophiliac community is cheering him on. They are talking about his bravery.

Which is ridiculous.

This isn't brave, this is selfish.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2006

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