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12:55 a.m.: Mommy! mommy! frantic Ellie. (OUR 5-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER) I just managed to get something under her before her undigested dinner came up.

every 15 minutes until 3:30 a.m.: Mommy! My throat hurts. My tongue hurts. I'm going to throw up again. Then, she throws up and misses the bucket. I do not have a waterproof pad under her because she never has accidents. Nice. Fortunately, Robbie (THE RAMBUNCTUOUS 3-YEAR-OLD) is in our bed making our night miserable, and I move her to his bed and strip her sheets down after I check her temp and braid her hair out of her face. Safe in Robbie's bed and devoid of any non-bodily substance, she goes to sleep...finally.

5:10: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze, because, really, I've had about 1.5 hours of sleep

6:30, I mange to become alert enough to turn the alarm off. I get up, come downstairs, figuring if I work hard,I can get a few papers graded. (MY WIFE IS A TEACHING ASSISTANT AT AN ONLINE UNIVERSITY) Turn desktop on. Robbie comes down the stairs complaining of a stomach ache. I take him upstairs to go potty, then hook him up on the couch with a bucket and "Superhero Squad." Return to computer for grading. Montior has a blue screen that says something along the lines of, "Something really bad about happened to me, and to keep that from happening, I just shut myself down. Please get us professional help." It was in DOS, white letters and was probably more robotic, but that is roughly what it tried to tell me.

6:45: Suddenly very glad I had checked the back up harddrive and transferred my work files to the laptop a few weeks ago, I clear the blue chair and fire up the laptop. For 15 minutes I watch as it cannot connect to the Internet.

7:10: Connected to the Internet and my class, it is time to get Jack up. Then Ellie gets up and Robbie is complaining and all across the board, it is whining and wishes for a better day.

8:45: beg your bosses to please move the install to Monday so I can catch my breath. (THE PHONE COMPANY WAS COMING TODAY TO PUT IN A DATA LINE THAT WOULD ALLOW ME TO WORK FROM HOME)

9 a.m.: Much speedier than your Rochester bosses, they (MY SYRACUSE BOSSES) comply and offer sympathy for sick kids.

9:13: here I am, whining that the Internet is still having issues on the laptop. Must catch a break today...:)

hope your trip went well. Good luck today.

9:45: Robbie just threw up. At least the first wave is out of the way for him and I had been shadowing him with a huge bowl (no chances) since 6:30. Let's just hope Scott (THE 11 MONTH OLD) doesn't get it. Ellie is passed out on the little couch and the laptop is giving me issues...of course...sigh...I was so looking forward to getting up early, really getting some work done and having today be stress free. ha. ha.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2012

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