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Did the bus monitor do her job?

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Hello, Bob.

Finally taking a moment to write you at the suggestion of many friends and family that have been reading your blog and listening to your show.

We have been silently suffering through all of the press about Karen Klein.

(Karen Klein is the bus monitor who was sworn at by four seventh-grade boys. The event was recorded and posted on the Internet by the students and has now been seen by millions. The boys have been suspended from regular school for a year, and the monitor has received almost $700,000 in online sympathy donations.)

Each day we get another reminder of how much money the world has raised, my stomach does another turn. If I could guarantee my son would not suffer from it, I would have gone to the press and to speak out from the beginning of this mess. His well being is my top priority.

My son was bullied on that bus over the last few years.

At first, we taught him to ignore, speak up.

Last year, I reported one of the more severe instances and went to the transportation department and my son's guidance counselor. Their answer was a slap on the hand for the kid.

Then they put a monitor on the bus for all of 5 days. It worked for two weeks, then the mean words started again.

The bus driver did absolutely nothing.

Out of aggravation, I gave up and drove him myself to school most of the year.

This year was better for him (he gained a few inches in height and had more confidence which helped).

I am confident they placed Mrs. Klein on our bus this entire year due to several complaints regarding these kids. This was the 1st year we had a bus monitor on the afternoon bus ALL year.

So, YES you are 100% CORRECT, she knew she had a job to do and did NOT do it ALL year long.This was in no way an isolated incident. My son and the other children said they all chose to sit toward the front of the bus just to escape the behavior in the back.

In addition, she did NOTHING to set an example for bullied kids.

As a parent who has spent two years convincing my son that he is a good human being that he needs to stand up for himself, I am disgusted by the poor example this woman has made.

And how about those that say our kids should have intervened? What an irresponsible statement! Our children who have dealt with these kids all year because of this woman's shortcomings are supposed to step in and get bullied some more? I am losing faith in people fast!

Her easy acceptance of money donated in her honor is a slap in the face to all of us that have dealt with a bullied child. Her answer to bullying is to turn her hearing aids down and just get through the end of the day to collect her paycheck.

Did you catch the Ryan Seacrest phone interview? He told her the whole world supported her and she joked back saying, "Just keep the money coming!" Appreciative, isn't she? Would have been a great moment to say something..ANYTHING about anti-bullying.

Unfortunately, society has been "had" and we just have to accept that people as ignorant as they are, just wanted to do good for someone else.

I have written a detailed letter to our Superintendent and to our School Board President insisting on an answer. I have yet to receive one return phone call of an apology, explanation, anything!

Karen Klein has over $600,000 in sympathy money for a job she has failed at and I can not even get a phone call from our district.

Ironic, isn't it?


A Mother from Bus 784

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2012

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